How Many Times Does a Cow Need to Sell His Blog?

John Cow's Blog is For SaleIt looks like John Cow has had to re-list his blog for sale on Sitepoint. The previous auction lead only to two different bidders that didn’t pay up when it was time to.

From the new Auction:

Re listed, do not bid BIN if you are not willing to honor the agreement. Bids are legally binding, read the FAQs.

The time to sell has come for my beloved blog. Let me try and answer the first question that comes to mind, why?

Because I am entering an extremely busy period in my personal life. Moving from Europe to Australia soon, having to find a new place to stay for a couple of months first, before the big move, I am going to be spending most of my time moving house, filling out tons of paperwork, then shipping everything over to Aus and trying to get a new house there. With all this going on, I won’t have much time to attend to my online business, so I’m probably going to take a break from the Internet for a few months.

So my loss is your gain.

It really makes me wonder how two different people could back out of the sale, and it will probably generate an unfortunate wave of trepidation over new bidders wondering the same thing.

It is really a shame that neither of the two previous bidders picked up the site, as a sale of this magnitude is always interesting to watch.

Currently, the starting bid is once again $25,000 for a blog that makes $2500 a month. It was said that the site was sold for the buy it now price of $50,000 in the last auction, and that is once again the buy it now price.

How many times will the site have to be sold before it stays sold? I watch with baited breath.

4 thoughts on “How Many Times Does a Cow Need to Sell His Blog?

  1. Kevin

    It’s unfortunate that the first guy wasn’t serious. Im not sure if the second guy was a joker though or if he simply decided $50k was too much.

    I wish him all the best in the sale but I think he should take anything over $25k for the site (which I think he will get).

  2. John Cow

    The first bidder was a joker who had offered BIN to 12 sites in 2 days. Matt banned him from SP after that. The second guy went all the way up to the escrow payment request, and then decided to stop communicating for 3 days. Not sure what the story is there.

  3. David

    John Cow – Yeah, just makes for a very frustrating process for you. Good luck with the new sale. Hopefully, links to it will help direct a good buyer your way.

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