Top 50K Blogs Made $500 Million in Ad Revenue

Over on John Chow’s blog I found a report from Chitika (pdf) that states that the top fifty-thousand blogs brought in five hundred million dollars in ad revenue in 2006. My first thought is that if that money was evenly split, that would only be $10,000 per blog. While I know it isn’t an even split, I have to say that $10,000 per blog isn’t enough to live on.

According to a recent case study by the University of Texas and Chitika, the top 50,000 blogs on the Internet generated $500 million in ad revenue last year. That sounds all well and good but I think the methodology to come up with the $500 million number is questionable.

Chitika took their 12,000 publishers, found their Technorati ranking and how much they made from Chitika in 2006. Then they made the assumption that the blogs will run three revenue sources and came up with a revenue number.

It is an interesting article, and if you want more details you will have to check out the report, it is only three pages long.