Subscribers are Key?

Does having a higher subscriber count instantly mean a better blog, or are there other factors that on first glance will make you believe a blog is good or bad?

I am asking this because there were two great posts on increasing subscriber numbers, the first was from Winning the Web, entitled 16 Ideas For Free Products That Will Double Your Subscribers & Leads and the second was from The University Kid entitled How To Send Your Subscriber Count Through The Roof.

While both of these are interesting articles, does the quality of subscribers matter? I know that we constantly talk about the quality of traffic, but in their posts, they don’t talk about what kind of negative side effects, if any, occur when you push your subscriber base up in a way that is almost artificial.

We have become so competitive at building up blogs that many people have started building them so efficiently to sell them that they make their full time living through building what appears to be a strong community and then selling it to the highest bidder.

While I would like to think that everyone that subscribes to this blog is subscribed because they want to be, there is no doubt a bit of inflation in every RSS subscriber number, and so don’t forget that, especially if you are purchasing a blog.

7 thoughts on “Subscribers are Key?

  1. Bash Bosh

    Well, for me subscribers are very important these days to generate some quality and loyal visitors for your site. It’s actually the key to attract and get more loyal visitors from the internet definitely!

  2. Gyutae Park

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the mention. In my article, I talk about ways to generate free products that are RELEVANT to your target audience. Because of this, only qualified leads will sign up (i.e. people who are actually interested in what you have to offer). Those kinds of gains shouldn’t be artificial.

    I do agree with you that most bloggers put too much emphasis on number of subscribers. What really matters is the level of interaction and engagement. Build a quality community even with a small subscriber base and the numbers will increase with it.

  3. David Peralty Post author

    Hi Gyutae, your post was good, and I don’t have any problems with it, I was just pointing out that I didn’t want new bloggers to get too caught up in building a subscriber base, as it isn’t the most important thing about blogging. 🙂 I enjoy your blog, and wear my Winning the Web T-shirt with pride. 🙂

  4. Gyutae Park

    Haha, thanks Dave. No offense taken. I totally agree with you that subscriber base isn’t everything. If you build a quality blog, people will naturally subscribe so that in itself shouldn’t be the main focus.

  5. PraShawn

    I think this is a major issue to decide if the amount of subscribers tell something about the value of a blog. It is quite obvious that only high ranked blogs have a high amount of subscribers. I think it is a process of growth to reach a high amount of subscribers.

  6. Ecommerce Help - Tyrone Shum

    Who do you write your posts for?
    Who do you update your site for?
    Who gets traffic for your site?

    Your subscribers, readers and visitors of course!
    I believe that subscribers are the key for you to ace your blogging career, especially if you are on SEO and the likes.

  7. Ecommerce Help - Tyrone Shum

    Who do you write your posts for?
    Who views your site?
    Who do you update your site for?
    Your subscribers, visitors and readers of course!
    If you are into SEOs, traffic is also important, so I also think that subscribers are most of the time the key. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a low quality blog if you have low amount of subscribers.

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