Network Evolution: Soon

So Mark from has released another video about GroupPlatform, something I am a part of with AltSciFi which is coming soon.

In his video he mentions two things, getting closer to having it ready for everyone, and the new payment/network model. It seems I will be getting everything from AltSciFi for free until it makes $200 in one month. At that point, Mark will be looking at a payment of $100 a month. This $100 payment doesn’t change for Mark, no matter how much the site makes.

While this sounds great, my first though is that he will have to create many such sites to really benefit himself. With the old model, the better the sites were doing, the better off he was. He had invested interest in their success. Under his new system, he only has invested interest in having each site get past that $200 a month mark. While still good for many people, this does worry me slightly.

So far though, Mark has proven himself to be a great guy in every sense of the word, and has always been forthcoming with ideas, knowledge, and advice, and so I continue to be very excited about GroupPlatform, and my role in it.

I look forward to launching AltSciFi soon, and hope you will all be there to check it out when we do.

2 thoughts on “Network Evolution: Soon

  1. 45n5

    “he only has invested interest in having each site get past that $200 a month mark.”

    i’m always open to strike up some deals 😉

    I would reckon the first $200 is the hardest so I think it’s good that’s where the majority of my effort will be.

    Plus the benefits i think for getting groups started, getting momentum, finding great leaders will far outweight the lack of vested interest after the $200 mark.

    also my effort after the ball starts rolling will be enchancing features for new sites that will roll over into your site 😉 so even if I get to the point where you are rolling in advertising dollars I’ll still be indirectly working for you as a developer, and of course hopefully still as a partner.

    really I feel the healthier the “network” is as a whole the more money I’ll make (and you) now so i think that’s a good thing for everybody 😉

    cool feedback.

  2. David

    I just want to make sure you have as much interest in my success as possible. 🙂 I don’t want you to have to create fifty of these sites before you make enough to live off of.

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