Took a Week Off and Missed Blogging Here

Last week, I pretty much took a week off from blogging, and most computer stuff. I stayed away from the Internet as much as possible, and just tried to recharge my internal battery. When I did come online, it was just for simple things, and to entertain myself.

I spent some time researching the upcoming Star Trek Online massively multiplayer online game which is probably years away from being launched. I worked a bit on some fiction writing that I’ve left dormant for months now. It was all very nice, but I did realize something: I find blogging here relaxing.

While I didn’t really miss podcasting, dealing with e-mail, spam, plugins, WordPress and whatnot, I did miss writing on here and talking about my experiences with blogging and my career making money through online jobs.

I am still glad I took a week off, but I am even happier to find that unlike most of my hobbies turned “for profit activities”, I still enjoy writing on here.

I have a feeling that a large part of that is thanks to the great audience I have.

Also, for those of you new to this site, make sure you check out my little contest for readers of this blog.

6 thoughts on “Took a Week Off and Missed Blogging Here

  1. David Peralty Post author

    John – That’s what happens when you don’t take some time off… 😛 Cryptic Studios is now developing the game and going to be showing some video of it at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas on the 10th. 🙂

  2. Kevin

    I think it shows that you enjoy writing here as posts are usually very detailed 🙂 It’s important to take time off though. I was on holiday for two weeks and didn’t post once. I do enjoy blogging but it’s important to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

  3. John Leschinski

    I’m not going to hold my breath, the first STO sounded great. The lack of details make me wonder how much of that awesomeness they sucked out of it to rush the game out the door.

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