Uber Blogs: Top Blogging Blogs List

For the longest time now, I have been getting frustrated with a top blog list that I enjoy watching as it continued to focus on the making money online aspect, while I continually moved away from that world. Making money online is great, but I am a blogger, and what I know is blogging, and so that is why I decided to build my own list around blogging blogs called Uber Blogs.

This list will be comprised of blogs that focus on blogging, the blogging industry and teaching others to become better bloggers. It won’t focus on blogging software, nor specifically making money online. It won’t focus on affiliate offers, niche sites, or online advertising.

While there are already a few blogs in the list that span more than one niche, I want to say that the Uber Blogs list will make exceptions based on my own personal feelings when reviewing the blogs.

If you would like to include your blog on the list, there is a short form at the bottom of the list to quickly apply. I will review submissions at least once a week, and the rankings will be updated at least two times a week.

I hope you will all enjoy the Uber Blogs list, and appreciate it as a quick way to find blogs that can improve your blogging skill.

5 thoughts on “Uber Blogs: Top Blogging Blogs List

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  2. Jeffro2pt0

    Nice list. I’ve seen a couple other lists like this but I haven’t seen the added stats. Now if only we could have the chance to order the list by rank or by some other option, that would be pretty cool.

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