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One of the social sites that was taking up a decent bit of my time and mindshare was Facebook, and the worst thing of all: I wasn’t getting anything out of it. Facebook is great for almost creating a high school reunion of sorts. I got re-introduced to people I knew in my childhood on various military bases in Canada, but once you get past all of that, Facebook is nothing more than a time sinkhole.

Was it smart or dumb of me to delete my Facebook account? I am not sure yet, but I know that it will allow me to reclaim the time I was spending on that site to use productively on other sites.

One thing of note about my Facebook account is that it was almost one half business related contacts, or contacts I have made through blogging. While I hate the idea of not being able to connect with them any longer, they were really just a placeholder on my friends list as I communicate with them through my blogs, e-mail and instant messaging software.

Have you thought about deleting your Facebook account? Do you get anything from your time on Facebook? Let me know, I am always interested, as my wife is still using it as her e-mail replacement.

9 thoughts on “Deleted My Facebook Account

  1. zia

    I just had them permanently delete my account. It was a complete and total waste of time–and more than that, I’ve been getting an inordinate amount of spam since I signed up. This is on an address that I’ve had for 5 years and had remained relatively spam free.

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  3. Ghatozkat

    Nice content. I deleted my facebook account a month ago. I like the design of your blog, man. I am looking forward to read more from you.

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  6. Meghan

    I had a Myspace for two years. I had joined b/c so many of my friends had joined and I thought it would be fun – and it was for about 6 months. I actually got in touch with a couple of friends that I had lost contact with and we have developed strong “three dimensional” friendships. Then it became a contest of how many photos I could post of me looking hot while hanging out with friends. It got to the point that my camera was with me at all times so as not to miss an opportunity for a good shot. It was still fun in that phase. I never looked at anyone elses accounts. Only mine, mine, mine.

    Then I woke up, looked around and saw that only 5 of my very closest friends were ever commenting or communicating with me. And everyone elses pages that had been for as long as I had were exactly the same. Everyone really only has about 5-8 real friends. That’s all you can manage in real life. So, 90% of my “friends” were actually just old High School, Middle School or gulp – Elementary School classmates. Why was I cool with them seeing my good photos and my drunken photos too? Why was I letting them into my world of personal thoughts, funny quotes, embedded music players and embarrasing photos? So, I got out my scissors, I started making some cuts (i.e – deleting friends). But, I felt like such a mean person everytime that I did it.

    Fast forward 1 week ahead… me and one of my real life friends are walking down the street to get some coffee and I run into some facebook “friends”. A couple of guys that I went to school with. I was awkward! I couldn’t ask them what they were up to because I already knew – I got the bulletins. But, I didn’t want them to know that I actually read their bulletins b/c even though there puttin’ it out there, the level of real friendshipy like trust wasn’t there and I thought maybe they would think I was interested – and I didn’t want to seem interested b/c one of the “friends” was someone who had a crush on me and sometimes sent me random comments about my photos.

    Still with me here – So, anyway – The meeting was awkward – I just introduced them to my friend and tried to escape as quickly and cooly as possible.

    After that experience, I knew that wanted to live like I did in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. I wanted to be free!! So, I deleted it and It felt soooo good. I was free to go to as many parties as aliked and not feel the need to lug my camera around with me. I can now hang out with whoever I want, whenever I want and not be worried about whether or not they are secretly mad at me b/c there not on my top friends list. Now, the only people that know me are the people that I actually know and spend time with or will at least pick up the phone and dial 10 digits to get in touch. Hell, texts are good too.

    Well, I hope this social networking is a fad that will putter out in a few years. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep on keeping on and try not to take things personal. Life is too short, so have fun and put it in your scrapbook and share it with your friends. Don’t cheapen yourself. B/c once the cycle of “cool” starts it never stops and you become a parody of who you really are.

    Oh and I know all about Facebook too. I had to create it for my job as I’ve been told to create and application for viral marketing. But, I used my real name – no photo – some of these same people found me and I accepted their friendship. It’s clear that my profile is all about the company that I work for. Facebook doesn’t make me rank people, that is a plus. But do I really need to know everytime one of my random “friends” does anything to prove that he or she is still alive – aka – poke, throw things, friend people, mug people? The live feed is a pain in my a$$.

  7. Meghan

    Amendment – When I say “making some cuts” – I’m referring to deleting people from my “friends” list not cutting myself or anything else unusual like that… ahem – just thought I’d clear that up.

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