iPod Touch: Quick Review

So over the course of the last week, especially at Blog World Expo, I got to spend lots of time with the iPod Touch 2G, and found it to be a fairly capable device with only a few limitations when it comes to blogging.

Inputting large amounts of data into the device is a pain in the rear, and not something I plan on using the device for too often, but jotting down web addresses, and scheduling was very useful. It is almost a full blown PDA, meaning I can use it to organize my life, and I love that aspect of it.

Connect it to WiFi and you have a very helpful device in getting directions, sending out Twitter messages, and keeping track of e-mail. I still wish it had a digital camera like the iPhone so I could have taken some images of people, booths and business cards, but I guess I will just have to carry around a digital camera, once I buy a new one.

The iPod Touch seems to be quite a useful device, in a very small form factor. While I don’t think it is as good as some of the smaller ultra-portable laptops that have come out it is definitely a nice replacement for my much heavier laptop when I expect to move around often and only need e-mail, Twitter, and instant messaging access.

I actually didn’t bring my laptop to Blog World Expo on the last day and found the battery life of the iPod Touch to be more than sufficient, but didn’t find that I recorded much information on the device pertaining to the event. I did use it to track down certain people through Twitter, and take down names, e-mails and web addresses, but it just wasn’t the same, and so I am missing out on a whole day worth of event related notes.

Would I recommend the iPod Touch as a blogging platform for anyone? Probably not, as it can’t easily be used to create decent length blog posts in the same way a laptop can and without the ability to take video or even simple pictures, it loses out on the multimedia blogging abilities of other potential devices.

I would recommend that bloggers take a look at the sub-twelve inch notebooks being put on the market today as a great portable blogging device, as the iPod Touch, while a great internet connected device, can’t make blogging easier. On the flip side though, it will help keep you organized, and there is never anything wrong with that.


Thanks again to everyone listed below for their help in reaching my goal of getting an iPod touch.

Ryan Caldwell of College Crunch
Mark Wood, My Cousin
Jeff Chandler of Jeffro2pt0
Chris Garrett of Authority Blogger
Yan Fortin of Geeks are Sexy

5 thoughts on “iPod Touch: Quick Review

  1. Yan

    Yeah, I was looking at the new Mini-inspiron personally… these laptops are small, light and dirt-cheap. The Asus might also be an alternative I guess.

  2. Wealth Seeker

    You know I have been a gadget reviewer my self. And I think you have written a great review. Thanks for all the information you have provided in your article.

    I really think iPod Touch is very useful and is a good product launched.

    We want such types of articles so keep them coming.

  3. Joey

    I could be wrong but doesn’t the 3G designation only pertain to the iPhone?

    I thought the Touch uses wi-fi but not the 3G network.

    Is that right?

    I’m jonesing for one right now.

  4. David Peralty Post author

    The 2G designation I used is to imply second generation, not a communication standard. The iPod touch only has wifi for connectivity.

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