Kevin Rose on the New iPods

As most of you know, I am getting really anxious and excited to buy an iPod Touch. I think, as a blogging tool, the iPod Touch could be very useful to me, but I don’t want to be the dummy that buys an older version a few weeks before the newer, better, and cheaper version is released.

How do I know the new one will be better and cheaper? Well, the Digg founder, Kevin Rose, spills his inside insights and while his predictions haven’t been extremely accurate in the past, he echoes much of what many others are saying with regards to what we can expect from Apple in September.

I guess my question now is, will I be able to get an iPod Touch in time for Blog World Expo in September?

2 thoughts on “Kevin Rose on the New iPods

  1. David Peralty Post author

    Good point, the Apple store in Las Vegas is probably about a half hour walk from the hotel I will be staying at. 🙂

    Not only that but the rumour is that the event will be happening September 9th, well before I leave on September 18th. If the new touch is released the same day, could I get it here before the 18th? I am not certain… but maybe just picking it up will be easier overall… (though then I can’t play with it before I leave and on the plane)

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