Don’t Post About Holidays

I can’t tell you how many posts I saw about Easter. I understand that it is a holiday, and that it has a religious slant, but letting me know it is Easter, and hoping I have a good one is really a waste of a post.

There are so many other things you could do to separate yourself from the hundreds of others mentioning the holiday and wishing people well. Tell me something interesting about Easter or connect the Easter theme to your blog. Tell me how the Easter Bunny would make a great blogger, or what my favourite devices would look like if given the Easter colour treatment.

You are wasting time, space, and energy mentioning the holiday and not expanding on it. If you want to fade into the background, then feel free to post about the holidays. If you want to stand out, and capture my attention, use a holiday as a springboard into an amazing post.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Post About Holidays

  1. Titus Ferguson

    I think you are way off the mark here David.

    If the blogosphere eliminated personal type entries such as we see at Easter iy would become so imbearably dull that everyone would leave. Only so many people constantly want to read impersonal posts. The majority of readers like to know what is going on in the bloggers life, thats why they read their blog.

    As far as “You are wasting time, space, and energy”, how does that comment make any sense? Since when was there a such a small amount of space on the internet that blog posts are using it up.? And does it really matter if to you what some people use their time and energy on?

    I enjoy many of the things that you write, I just think this post should have been a bit more thoughtful.

  2. David

    Hi Titus,

    I can see how this post might ruffle some feathers, but again, this is only my personal opinion. And really, I don’t mind personal entries, but I am focusing more on the problogging/make money online blogs. If you read the around easter, you would have seen hundreds of posts saying “Happy Easter” and in our niche, it was a waste of space on my screen and feed reader as I got the hint with the first post.

    I think I am right on the money when it comes to expanding upon the idea or bringing the holidays in as part of a larger post to stand out from the myriad of people writing “Happy Easter”.

    And it is my time and my energy that people are wasting. I only have so much time, and paging through “Happy Easter” one hundred times is not my idea of fun. And this post could be used for any holiday, and for any major news item to be honest.

    The real message here is “stop being the same as everyone else, say something new.”

  3. Jason

    Thank [email protected]%@%@ for this post. I have no problem with people wishing others well for Easter, but do it at the end of a useful post, don’t dedicate a whole post to doing so.

    What’s worse is all the bloggers that go off on tangents and start bringing religious phrases onto an MMO/Blogging tips blog… makes me unsubscribe pretty quick 🙂

  4. 45n5

    @titus – there is nothing wrong with personal posts, but this is different, it’s like everyone posting, “hey today is tuesday”, it’s repetitive and irrelevant

    @david – spot on, what a waste of readers attention by reminding them again it’s easter when they could do something useful with it.

  5. Steven Snell

    I’m not a fan of these posts and I don’t write them, but I think they have a place on some blogs. Not the make money niche, but more so for personal. Even if it is repetitive it can still be relevant depending on the type of audience.

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