Insights into Building a Site from Scratch: Round Three

So, I have been building a new site for my new employer, and I am learning lots as well as coming across various issues that have slowed my progress down.

In the first post, Insights into Building a Site from Scratch, I mentioned that I was having some issues with WordPress, and so in the second post, Round Two, I talked about that, but today, I want to talk about hosting issues.

See, the host that my boss is using is Mosso, a great company with some pretty amazing hosting plans. While I am a big fan of WiredTree, we are using Mosso.

The site was running really well at the start, but over the last two days, it has become very slow. A support request was put in, and apparently things were fixed, but still, things are running slower than they were when we first started working on this site, thus slowing down my progress on the site even further.

Sure, the site is still up, and it is still running, but loading any page, or even the WordPress administration panel takes two or three times longer than it did at the start of me working on it, and much slower than this blog.

So we will continue to work with them in hopes of resolving this issue, but it does remind me how important it is to find a great host to work with, especially when you have high hopes for a project. Hosting is the one thing that should never slow down the initial building of a site.

I mean, it is one thing if your hosting goes down because you are getting too much traffic, but this site I am working on isn’t even public yet, so that is definitely not the issue.

It can definitely be hard to get things solved when you are talking about performance, rather than just the plain “up and down” of a site’s status. Hopefully, hosting issues will be resolved soon, so I can get beyond all of these delays and really start pushing out content.

This has given me time to think about everything I will need to do that I will either have to program myself, or tweak WordPress to do as I have lots of dynamic data on pages that I need to mess with.

Thus far, I have created over one hundred and fifty pages, most of them blank, but I am slowly pushing out text to each one. I will keep you all posted on how it progresses.

3 thoughts on “Insights into Building a Site from Scratch: Round Three

  1. Kristen

    You are so right when you say that finding a good hosting company to work with is so important and the issues you are having with slow loading is common. I would like to offer an alternative if you should happen to continue having problems. Most cloud computing companies can not support major amounts of traffic like Joyent can. An example of this is LinkedIn’s Bumper Sticker application they created for Facebook. 1 Billion page views a day and Joyent can support this kind of traffic because they scale bigger. Hopefully things work out but if not you really should look into switching.

  2. David Peralty Post author

    Kristen – Didn’t Twitter and Joyent break up not too long ago? Hard to be interested in a company that would let a big brand like that go, especially with them making you guys look bad with all that downtime.

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