So Mark from introduced me to Ustream. I have seen it being used by Chris Pirillo for some time now, but never thought it was something I’d be interested in doing. I went to try it out though, and once Darren Rowse posted about the whole thing and came on as well… I had over half a dozen people interacting with me. I tried to share as much of my expertise and experience as possible, and I recorded the whole thing.

I hope to add Ustream to my daily repertoire here on Xfep, as I continue to try to help others in their goals of making money online. I haven’t picked a standard time or day to do stuff yet, but if you check out my Ustream channel, and I am broadcasting, feel free to ask questions using the chat.

Update: I will try to be on from 6-8 EST the rest of this week, if you have any questions.

If you want to see the two videos of me giving out advice, they are below the fold.

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