Made Me Angry

I had really hoped to have a live video questions and answers session this evening, but made that impossible. After over an hour of trying to get things to work, I have given up. I tried on both computers, in multiple browsers, using multiple microphones and video cameras. The video worked great, but no audio was getting through.

Without any support, I feel like ruined what could have otherwise been the saving grace of my horrible day.

What’s worse is that I know it isn’t browser or Flash specific as I was able to transmit video and audio just fine on Maybe that will be where I will hold my video sessions from now on.

For those that didn’t get a chance to chat with me. I am planning on trying again soon on or if you know of a better live video service, please let me know. Yahoo! Live is not a good suggestion at this point, though I have high hopes for the service.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to watch the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

5 thoughts on “ Made Me Angry

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  2. Bon Jovi sucks!!! If I were you I would try or mogulus
    They both are much much better than ustream. If you are into chat then blogtv is the best platform and if you are looking to broadcast and be able to add features to your live video then go with mogulus.

  3. ustreamtech

    Ouch, sounds like a bad day for sure, but there’s no need to suffer in silent misery. Virtually all ustream problems are not a problem with the service but are local problems that luckily are easy to fix. Ustream has many resources to help you and you dont have to wait for a message board response (unless you want to)we always strive to make the user experience as clean as possible. In that vein, Besideb email you may also post in the forums or stop in with one of our live community channels or

    Better Shows..
    Ustream Help..
    Diagnostics for Ustream,,

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