Xfep Video Podcast: Episode 0

Xfep Video Podcast Ep 0 on Video.ca


This video podcast will cover the projects, websites, and blogs that I am part of. I will talk about the things I do as a Problogger.

Topics Covered

In this episode I talk about being part of Mark’s GroupPlatform and how I will be part of that project with a site called Alt Sci-Fi.

I also mention how I have a SitePoint contest going for the logo design and how I hope some of the best designers will come back and revise their entries.

Other than that, I am just getting excited about getting started on Alt Sci-Fi, and hope you will all check it out once it launches.

Video Hosting

I want to thank Video.ca for hosting the Xfep video podcast. I highly recommend the site, and hope you will all check it out. I used to work for the owner and operator of the site.

10 thoughts on “Xfep Video Podcast: Episode 0

  1. WTL

    Nicely done! The audio seems low, though.

    For AltSciFI, I like the following entries:
    danijelg’s logo 2 and viriathe’s Entry #6

    Good luck with the new project!

  2. David

    Thanks WTL – I noticed that with the sound, and the video is a bit off too… I will try to work on that a bit more next time. 🙂

    45n5 – Thanks… It is definitely more difficult than audio, but just as fun.

  3. James

    Well done David! Thanks for the Video.ca mention as well. It’s an honour to host your upcoming video series. I look forward to watching/learning from them. Hopefully our community will too.

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  5. John Leschinski

    Long time no see, you should make it out to the next thing at molly blooms. I used to be heavily involved in the whole online star trek community thing when I was younger.

  6. John Leschinski

    ps. as for the logos I see three that strike me as viable identity systems, however the reliance on the scifi television channel mark and typography is pretty blatant in some of them.

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