Xfep Video Podcast: Episode 1

Xfep Video Podcast Ep 1 on Video.ca


This video podcast will cover the projects, websites, and blogs that I am part of. I will talk about the things I do as a Problogger.

Topics Covered

In this episode I talk about Mark’s GroupPlatform and how we have selected a logo for our project Alt Sci-Fi.

I also mention that I have some big news coming November 1st that pertains to my career as a problogger.

The last thing I bring up is a community collective I am looking at putting together, but you will have to watch the video for more information on that.

Video Hosting

I want to thank Video.ca for hosting the Xfep video podcast. I highly recommend the site, and hope you will all check it out.

2 thoughts on “Xfep Video Podcast: Episode 1

  1. Darren

    something about that grin while you were talking about your news makes me wonder…. reminds me of something that happened about 16 months ago for me

    good vidcast!

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