WordPress Theme: Natural Power

Today, I have a new, great theme for WordPress that was created for me to release by Color Light Studio, a great company that does great WordPress themes.

The team there also created Pro Profile, which I released a little while back now, and have outdone themselves with Natural Power.

This is not a sponsored theme, and doesn’t include any links, except back to here, which you are free to remove as I am releasing this theme under GPL.

Natural Power is a two column theme, widget ready, that comes with four different coloured header graphics that can easily be changed in the options panel included with the theme.

Also, the header text can easily be changed through the options page as well. You won’t find a crazy, unholy options page, but instead just two options relating to the colour and text for the header. Simple is always better in my opinion.

If you would like to see what Natural Power looks like, please check out the test theme install I have set up, and if you enjoy it, please download Natural Power today.

If you are interested in past themes I have released, check out Crystal and Pro Profile.

79 thoughts on “WordPress Theme: Natural Power

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  2. dmitcha

    I like this theme and found it simple to customize save one bug I cannot seem to work around.

    How can I create a new header file that still allows the pages/post content to feed?

    I would like the background color for my page content to be different than that of the blog itself. Normally, I just create an alternate template, referencing an alternate header and footer and create new style sheet entries for the same. It’s just a few minutes’ work, copy, paste, tweak.

    I have done the same with this theme, and when I update main_index.php’s “get_header” to read “include headerblog” (sorry, can’t post the actual include code; it gets stripped) and change “get_footer” to “include footerblog” and change content_wrap to “content_wrap_blog”, it gets the new color coding right, but it now only shows the first character of each post. (The same happens when I leave the blog posts referencing header.php and switch my pages to reference headerblog).

    Is there some code somewhere that requires header.php in order for page/post content to appear on the page?

    Here’s what I’ve found so far in a Google search, which does not help me but might immediately help you. Thank you for any light you can shine on this!


    1) I also have the problem of the “first character”/”first letter” in this theme; but i solved it.
    The solution is very simple:

    This is the original code of “menu.php”

    ” href=”/”>Home
    ]+)>%U’,’‘, $pages);
    $pages = str_replace(’‘,’‘, $pages);
    echo $pages; ?>

    if you remplase “menu.php” for this code:

    ” href=”/”>Home
    ]+)>%U’,’‘, $pages);
    $pages = str_replace(’‘,’‘, $pages);
    echo $pages;
    unset($pages); ?>

    the bug is solved.

    Maybe is a WordPress or even PHP bug… im new in PHP, but this works for me… 😉

    2) I found a number of other posts to other theme pages saying only the “first letter” or “first character” or a “single character” appears, usually in connection with the feed. So far, no one has responded to those posts other than to say it’s a common problem.

    I hope that might make more sense to you! Thank you.

  3. dmitcha

    For anyone else having this same trouble, the fix from the comment I mentioned worked. Only, for this theme, that code is in the header.php file, not the menu.php file (which doesn’t exist for this theme). So I added the “unset…” line in the new header file, and the content showed up at last.

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  7. Saad

    Thanks ! I will be using this theme for my next Corporate blog.. Hope it will be useful, if you have any other suggestion of themes, do let us know.

    Chao !


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  18. Kate

    The options for header text and colour do not appear in WordPress version 3.1. Is this a known issue?

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