4 Online Marketing Tips for the Constrained Budget

The advent of the internet brought about countless new job opportunities and prospects. Unfortunately, all of those voices straining to be heard can make it hard to stand out as a new and inventive small business. Online marketing has grown and evolved in recent years and offers many new opportunities that utilize both mass marketing and personal approaches.

While the opportunities are numerous, online marketing, like most things, takes time and funding. So what about the small business owner limited on funds? Included here are a few online tips for those with a constrained budget.

Utilize Local Celebrities

Yes, it would be cool to have Hollywood celebrities endorsing your product or service, but the reality is those kinds of endorsements will cost you big bucks. Consider taking a more local and personalized approach by utilizing a local celebrity. This could be someone from a local news station, radio or even a community hero.

The power of people in the community can work wonders for your small business. Simply having consumers recognize your mascot, even if they are not nationally renowned, can boost sales in your area. So find a local teacher who is invested in students, a decorated war veteran or even your local sports’ team mascot. You will find your business name gets out to many more people in the area without you shelling out the big bucks.

Utilize LinkedIn

With free sites like LinkedIn, you should be able to get your name and mission out there to more individuals. Creating communities on sites like these will take time, but no money. Use the LinkedIn space as an area where you can communicate with other professionals, share interests and ideas while doing a little promo. Be careful not to use this site as a hard sell and more as a networking platform.

Utilize YouTube

Making movies might not be everyone’s dream, but YouTube videos can be a fantastic way to get your name out. This can be as simple as creating films demonstrating how to use your products, to educational videos about other aspects of your industry. For example, you can demonstrate how to plant bare root trees or discuss the changes in climate and soil conditions around the United States.

Utilize Bloggers

With millions of blogs being created each year, finding ways to pitch to the blogging community can be overwhelming. Creating your own blog that is neglected is not the best way to get your name out there. Consider getting involved with a niche blogger who specializes in your industry.

You can either write guest posts, or simply send them your product so they can write an honest review. Be sure you are confident in your product and the blogger before you do this, though, because bad press can live on the internet forever.

Originally posted on February 15, 2016 @ 8:19 am

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