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One of the difficult things about professional blogging career is the necessity of production of written material continuously as in an mass production system alienating you from your creative instincts and joy that you fell while writing something creative.

It is not easy producing enough material making unlimited web hosting a full time job as when you are being paid on a rate basis for each post, or for each word, or even a fix salary with some expectations from you, it comes down to writing thousands of words each day, which is not easy for most people as compared to others.

The more material you have to write, the more search engines should have easy access to your site, as well as you should be creative enough to gain an audience, build more inbound links and establish your own brand.
Writing about two or three thousand words per day is the minimum requirement for unlimited web hosting which can make your site successful and it takes a lot of hard work.

The production of material is not easy, if you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the subject to start with or are not able to concentrate on your views, opinions, and thoughts.

It is advisable that you should find a balance between getting some more time to write a post so you can express your feelings, but when you have to write three thousand words compulsorily each and every day, it is hard sometimes to add any more emotions to your content.

Originally posted on January 20, 2011 @ 11:21 am

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