Earning Money Online via In-Tweet Advertising

When I was still new with blogging, I remeber quite clearly this debate about bloggers getting into the “sponsored” type of blogging. Hence the likes of IZEA’s SponsoredPosts, ReviewMe, and there’s another site which I couldn’t recall anymore. Anyway, the point is, these kind of making money online received quite a number of  flaks from those who advocate freedom of expression unbiased writing.  Frankly, I didn’t know what happened the issue died a natural death, until now.

This time the “sponsored” type of model takes the form of today’s most popular online communication facility – Twitter and an attempt to push income-generating schema to it through in-tweet advertising. Guess what, one of the culprits of in-tweet advertising happens to be also one of the prime movers of sponsored posts – Izea with its .  Another company followed suit with their own brand of in-tweet advertising program for Twitter users – Ad.ly.

These two advertising programs are getting the buzz lately either because of two reasons – those who are the early adopters are already earning too much from it and/or it is because these kinds of advertising model are annoying the wit of those Twitter users who are not into it.

Last Sunday, the New York Times run a story about sponsored tweets/in-tweet advertising, citing the likes of John Chow who are already earning a lot from in-tweet advertising via Ad.ly. If I remember it correctly,  John was also previously advocating about SponsoredTweets.

The article might have sparked the ire of some well-known bloggers who are also avid Twitter users – and everybody seemed to have jumped into the issue.

Is in-tweet advertising evil? Should you unfollow Twitter members who engage in such activities. Should these Twitter users put some kind of disclosure when they tweet sponsored ads?