Getting Links to a New Blog

I know many stories on here are going to be related in one way or another to either this blog or AltSciFi going forward, as well as my work at Splashpress Media, and one of the things I am dealing with right now is getting links to AltSciFi, my new science fiction related blog that is part of Mark’s Group Platform.

One thing that really helps blogs when they are just starting out is getting a few links, and the best ones are from sites of a similar niche. One way you can go about getting such links is to create what I can pillar articles. Pillar articles are the best of the best that you can come up with, and there is no reason, when starting out a blog that you should come up short when thinking up pillar articles. If you can’t think of at least three ideas for such articles, you are probably not in the right niche.

Once you create a few articles, including your pillar article(s), e-mail a few bloggers that run blogs in similar niches. You can find these bloggers by doing some keyword searches in relation to the niche or topics your blog will cover.

Let those other bloggers know about your new blog, let them know about your pillar article, and ask them their thoughts. Sometimes you will just get a comment on the post, sometimes you won’t get any response, and other times you will get a link from their site to your own.

That link might be part of a story roundup, standalone article, or even in their sidebar, but it really doesn’t matter. Search engines and services like Technorati will count that link, and your site will look better and better to all those services and search engines, and slowly it will help drive traffic to your new blog.

Create amazing content, network with great people, and promote your content. There is no better secret to building your blog.