How to Make Money From YouTube’s Partner Program

So you want to join the select few who are starting to make money from the viral videos they upload in YouTube? Yet you don’t know how to start? Here are key things you should remember to get you started with making money online via YouTube’s Partner Program.

Produce interesting videos

Interesting is a broad concept and subjective in nature. What could be interesting to one user may be boring to another.  Know the pulse of YouTube users. Find out which original video content is the most viewed.  Then decide which one you would and can emulate and add your own brand/personality.

Target your audience

To help you produce interesting videos that will most likely help you earn money through viral campaigns, it’s important that you know to whom your videos are for.  Examine your audience, know their viewing habits then based your videos on them.

Start uploading videos to YouTube

Once you know what type of videos your going to produce, it won’t take long before you start rolling. Once you’ve finished your first video, upload it immediately to YouTube. Then work on another project again.

Know when to join YouTube Partner Program

Once you uploaded a couple of interesting video, start working on how to promote them. Use the power of social media. Post links of your videos on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Sell your videos on your blog (if you have one) Once you know that you’re videos are on its way to become viral, join YouTube’s Partner Program.

Join  YouTube’s Partner Program

The programs only entails three requirements from you before YouTube lets you in. If you are creating original videos suitable for online streaming, own or have expressed permission to use and monetize all audio and video content that you upload and you regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube viewers.

;Review your Work

Once you’re in YouTube Partner Program go back to your videos and study them once more. Monitor the videos pageview and traffic. Identify which video got more hits.  So that by the next time you create your next videos, you already know which pitfalls to avoid.

Now is the time to Relax and wait for the money to come in. It may not be that much as first, but once you’ve hit the jackpot, you will just smile the moment you receive your first earnings.

Originally posted on November 13, 2009 @ 12:08 am

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