Monetization with Adify and Forbes – Slow But Worth It

About Adify

Adify LogoAdify is allowing many different companies to roll their own advertising network. Some are big names like Computer World or Forbes, while others I haven’t really heard of before like IDG Tech Network. They all use Adify’s system to manage users and advertisers which is both great, and a little annoying.

Adify popped out of no where for me about five or six months ago, and now so many different bloggers that I know are using the service, and one or more networks they list.

Signup Process

The process for signing up to Adify isn’t that bad. It is a little confusing and a bit frustrating at times, but it is simple compared to signing up for some of the networks. Forbes, the network I am signed up to, requires a faxed confirmation of enrollment. In the city I live in, there are very few fax machines. I had to use the one at the local post office, and that wasn’t cheap.

The biggest issue I had was that each network had its own rules and forms for signing up, despite them all using the Adify system. I would like to see a better system for signing up for networks once I have my Adify account set up properly. Especially when trying to sign up for multiple networks for one site.

Ads Displayed

The advertisements displayed through the Forbes are of fairly high quality. They are almost all animated, and promoting decent brands and products. I found some of the stuff that shows under Adify’s remnant program wasn’t so great, but most are better than I have seen on other programs I have tried, which makes me pretty happy.

When they don’t have any ads to show, I have them set up to show my Google AdSense, and for the first few days, they were doing one hundred percent of my impressions, and now they seem to have settled around two-thirds.


I can’t say I am making the $10 CPM that Forbes originally promised when they contacted me and I can’t disclose exactly what I am making currently, but I can say that it is much more than Google was able to provide over the last few years I have used them. In fact, each advertising position provides more revenue than the combined total of three advertising positions Google was filling before I switched.

Also, interestingly enough, my click through rate on AdSense, when it is displayed, has doubled. This is most likely due to the attention that the Adify ads generate, stopping people from becoming ad-blind as fast as they used to when I only displayed Google AdSense ads.

TechCanuck Podcast Mention

James and I recently spoke about Adify and how they are powering many different brands on the 17th Episode of TechCanuck.


I definitely recommend signing up for Adify, and trying to get your blog into one or more of the networks they currently have partnering with them, as the revenues are far beyond what you can get from most other services since it is based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) versus the cost per click (CPC) or cost per action (CPA) advertising we are used to.