My Marketing Team (Me) Doesn’t Suck

So Jim Kukral wrote up an interesting post, and recorded an even better video that talks about advertising networks that have advertising and marketing teams that suck. I suggest checking it out before you read this post, as I reference it a fair bit.

I work as Head of Marketing for Splashpress Media, and while I agree that Jim is right about advertising networks, as a blog network, I think our marketing team, which is me and a some other people in Splashpress Media, work hard to continue to market our brands, and I think we are doing well.

Advertising and blogging networks are very similar in nature. We want to create a unique business that attracts attention and mindshare.

One thing he doesn’t bring up is what would work for marketing and advertising. Marketing requires very creative people to think outside the box, which is cliche, but very important. The difficulty with marketing is creating a personalized feel for potential clients, while not devoting all of our time and attention to slowly building up a group of people interested in working with us on things, one at a time.

The blogosphere, and the businesses connected to it, is huge, and it can be difficult to make money on the personalization. If I can get one percent of a thousand people every day, versus one person per day through personal interaction, I think casting the wide net is usually the better approach.

Again though, I have to agree with Jim that, if you have a high level potential client, “do the work!” With important people that have a fair bit of money and experience at their disposal, it becomes all about that “personal” touch, or that personal interaction. You aren’t just selling the brand, the product, but instead are selling yourself.

The whole video is very worthwhile to watch, no matter what business you are marketing or advertising for. Check it out on