nextMEDIA: Canada’s Digital Advertising Market Opportunities

Bryan Segal from comScore attended the event and gave a speech about their metrics service, which measures where people go on the Internet.

He also gave some great data on how Canada is doing in the world. Things like how we have the highest broadband penetration in the world with 72% of Canadians on the web, compared to 60% of the USA, and 54% of the UK. We may not have the most visitors online, but percentage based we have the most.

I found that very interesting because our country is so vast, and similar in many ways to the US in our need for technology, and broadband access, and yet, we’ve done better.

As for average page views per user, Canada also ranks first in that metric as well, coming above the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States of America.

Being that comScore is all about metrics, Bryan continued to hand out some startling data, including the fact that over 5.5 million Canadians visit Facebook, every single day. While I knew the social networking website was popular, especially in Canada, I had no idea it had progressed so far. No wonder the founders are so happy.

Sites like Facebook, MySpace and their competitors have grown 21% in the last year in Canada, with social networking sites now reaching 82% of all Canadians connected to the Internet, compared to 62% of those online in the US.

He also noted, via the comScore data, that Facebook is more popular in Canada than MySpace in large part to Canadians not rushing to MySpace. So despite our well connected country, we are slower at joining new services on the web, and so when something “new and better” came along, many Canadians hadn’t spent the time developing a profile on MySpace, and signed up for the first time to use Facebook.

I found the statistics very interesting and it seemed many content creators at the conference were excited as well. Especially, as these Canadian attendees try to attract the attention of the highly connected, multiple page viewing, Canadian Internet audience to their sites and services.