nextMEDIA: How Much is Your Content Worth?

David Beaton from Custometrics presented at nextMEDIA in Toronto while I was there, and it was interesting to see him talk about the value of content. Looking from an advertisers point of view, it can be difficult to deliver a good return on investment, especially from advertising online.

As a long time blogger, I can totally understand this. I have advertised on blogs and ended up paying around a dollar per visitor. Not a dollar per conversion or anything great, but rather one dollar per unique visitor, and in my mind that is hugely expensive.

He also mentioned how advertising budgets are usually the first to go, leaving the advertising team with little staff to find the right choices in very short schedules. He did leave some tips for advertisers that websites and blogs could do.

Here is David’s wish list for Advertisers:

  • ROI
  • Volume
  • Price
  • Risk
  • Sustainability
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Simplification
  • Balance
  • Optimization

If bloggers, and website owners could provide potential advertisers this type of information, it would make their job easier, and depending on the information, advertisers would be more likely to choose your site over a site that isn’t as forthcoming with information.

David also mentioned that we should all be publishing verifiable data on our user base, and traffic sources.

The biggest takeaway from his session was that the lowest price is not always the best buy, nor is the highest the worst. It is the performance that decides the true value.