No More TTZ Media or Pepperjam Network Advertisements

I am on a quest to remove advertisements that don’t perform for me on this site to make your user experience as clean as possible and give more focus to the advertisements that do help pay the bills. I mean, why clutter up the site with advertising that doesn’t work, right?

As of today the TTZ Media advertisements from John Chow’s company will no longer be displayed here. Not that there was anything wrong with the advertisements, but they didn’t perform well on my site because there are no real “blogger” products that you would all be interested in and as such, I didn’t give it a very good position. I made absolutely nothing from having the ads on the site.

I have also removed the Pepperjam Network advertisements for more or less the same reason. While they did have products and services that some of you might have enjoyed, I didn’t find that it was converting well on my blog. I gave it some good positions and a good trial run, but after over a month of displaying a variety of ads under their program, I only made five dollars.

I am sure none of you will miss these advertisements, and while I am sure many people are experiencing successes with them, they just didn’t work for this blog. If you have had successes with either of these ad programs, I would love to hear about them. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.