Online Marketing and Appealing to the Viewer

Different companies will spend varying amounts of money on marketing. The point of the matter is that no matter how much a company spends on it, marketing is one of the most important aspects of the business. Marketing is how you get how you get the donut to the police officer. It’s how you get the video game to the nerd. Without it, nobody knows you or your product exists, and then what’s the point?

Marketing is a game in which you have to not only know the rules, you have to bend the rules and sometimes even make up the rules. One very important aspect of marketing is that you have to appeal to the viewer. If you fail to do so, again, there is no point.

If you’re a company looking to expand on your tactics of appealing to the viewer in an online format, here are things you should be doing:

Targeting Emotions

Great salesmen succeed because they know how to read people. A salesman at the top of his game will walk into a room full of people and be able to read the emotions circulating in an instant. Upon chatting with potential customers, he gleans all he can about them by observing their clothing, their surroundings as well as the things they say, and he uses all the information he’s gathered to make the sale by targeting emotions.

In the online marketing bracket, you have to do the same thing. You don’t have the advantage of observing people in person, but you have market researchers to do that and report back to you the things they see. When you are able to read people’s emotions, you can better give them what they need in that instant. People are emotional purchasers. If you hit them in the soft spot, they’ll buy every time.

Using Color and Power Phrases

In the same way that you must learn to act on people’s emotional instincts, you must also learn to use other senses to make the sale online. This means that you must use color and power phrases to your advantage. A popular marketing trend right now is the use of hero images and a call to action. Draw the viewer in with a bright, intriguing photo, and say something in a succinct phrase that begets them to make a move on your behalf.

Marketing has to be a very creative endeavor. It’s not one-dimensional. You have to learn how to approach the equation from all sides. In all things pertaining to marketing, whether it’s getting out an idea, starting a movement through art, or selling a simple product, approach them all with the desire to make an impact and the results you desire will follow.

Originally posted on June 15, 2016 @ 8:51 am

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