RealWD Premium Themes and a Contest

With the ever growing market of quality WordPress themes it can be hard to filter out the noise and find a worthwhile theme to use for your projects, but a new advertiser here at Xfep might have the solution you are looking for.

RealWD has created two great WordPress themes with their RealWD Corporate and RealWD Elegante premium themes.

RealWD Corporate WordPress ThemeRealWD Corporate looks to me like it would work best for a business blog but especially for the smart make money online blogger, as it gives strong positions to recent posts, RSS subscriptions, and information about the site and author. It comes standard in a really nice blue, orange, grey and white colour scheme. It includes space for some large standard advertising sizes as well as some non-traditional ad positions that will work well with the design.

RealWD Elegante moves the meta data box to the bottom of the page, moving the posts higher up in the page. The colours are grey, red and beige, and seem to compliment each other well. It includes the 125×125 pixel advertising spaces that are very popular today, and has a strong sense of style.

Both themes are widget ready, and provide support for Gravatar. Both themes have also been tested in a myriad of web browsers and will work with WordPress 2.2 and above.

Out of the two, I would personally be more inclined to use the RealWD Corporate theme, but I always recommend users pick the theme that suits them the best.

Each theme is $75 and includes lifetime access to support, as well as being special in that for the $75 cost, the authors do not require you to retain any footer link, something that usually costs hundreds of dollars to remove in other premium themes.

The Contest

Interested in the themes, but don’t have the money to shell out currently? Link to the WordPress Themes page on RealWD (that’s and comment here to let me know that you have linked to it with the URL of where I can find the link, and you will be entered into a contest to win one of the two themes.

Some ways to quickly earn opportunities to win:

  • Link to this post as well as the RealWD theme page: 5 entries
  • Link to RealWD’s theme page from a post on your blog relating to WordPress themes: 3 entries
  • Link to RealWD’s theme page from your sidebar or blogroll: 2 entries
  • Twitter the link to RealWD’s theme page: 1 entry

If you don’t comment here to let me know where I can find your entries, they won’t be counted. Enter now, as this contest will be over soon. The end date is May 6th, 2008. Prizes will be awarded on the 7th.