Start Planning for 2009

Now that we have gone beyond the half way point in the year, it is time for bloggers to start thinking about next year, especially if you are dependent on cost per action revenue.

As we get closer to the fall, more and more bloggers will start to work on positioning themselves for the winter holiday rush, but I think that going ahead and preparing for the next year is a wiser move.

For fitness bloggers, getting some posts ready for New Years resolutions, losing weight during the spring and finding the best spring gym memberships, could lead to huge revenue, especially if you work from now until the spring on building these articles and resources a wide variety of in bound links.

Other bloggers can also take advantage of getting a head start on the next year. If you write about movies, you can start a guide to blockbusters due out in 2009. If you write about cars, which cars are coming out next year that people should be excited about? These articles can all be great starting points that you can continue to build, promote, and get links to for the next six months.

Don’t wait until the winter to start thinking about next year, as your competition will already have pages of content ranked well in Google, and you will lose out on having a fighting chance.

Take some time and bet on what could be popular, and you could create a huge monetary windfall for yourself.