The Declining US Dollar: Winners And Losers

Duncan Riley, an amazing writer, has posted an article on TechCrunch that sums up what I, as a problogger not in the USA, has to deal with when it comes to getting paid.


Anyone with a US Dollar exposure
Affiliates, bloggers and even coders are seeing income reduced as the value of the US Dollar drops. Much (or most) of the content and coding marketplace is run in US Dollars, which exposes bloggers who rely on programs such as Adsense, through to people writing for blog networks and similar writing positions.

Over the past ten months, I have lost a fair bit of my revenue, and just recently had to pay a few dollars to convert my money over to Canadian dollars. I continue to hope that this will change around, and a new system will be put in place, but this doesn’t show any signs of happening.


I have thus changed my advertising page, and those willing to pay in Canadian dollars, will find their rates a bit more competitive than their American counterparts. This takes the conversion issue away from me, and puts it in the hands of my advertisers here at Check out my advertising page for more details.