Why I Won’t Be Using EntreCard

EntreCard is another widget fad that is spreading across the blogosphere right now. It allows people to display a banner to their website on your blog for a certain number of credits. Credits can be bought or earned. To earn a credit you just need to “leave” your EntreCard on a blog displaying the widget. You can do this once per blog per day.

EntreCard is the new idea from the guy selling the Million Dollar Wiki, and so my first point about why I won’t be using it is the fact that he will most likely sell it at some point. I know that isn’t a great, reason, but I don’t want any information about my blog being sold to someone else down the road, and no matter what he says today, he can’t promise that he won’t sell down the road.

Secondly, I am not giving a huge advertising position to what basically amounts to another traffic widget. Haven’t there been enough of these already? My biggest question is how does this guy convince so many big names to use his services? John Chow, John Cow, Darren Rowse, and others have already signed on. How strange is that? It isn’t a big money maker, it won’t give huge waves of traffic, but people are using it anyways. I really don’t understand why.

Mark, despite agreeing with me it seems, says we should all be paying attention to the service, and I hesitate to even publish this post because I don’t want to have it gain any more ground. EntreCard is kinda dumb, and people that are using it, are just increasing the money that flows into the pockets of the guy that created it.

Once the buzz wears out, he will sell the site, pocket a decent deal of money, and leave most people with another useless widget on their blogs.

Just my two cents

As you can see, I feel so strongly about this that I didn’t even link to the service…if you want to find it, Google it.