Commenter Appreciation: October 2007

It is the end of the month and time for me to thank two of the people that helped make eXtra for Every Publisher the great place it is.

If you want to know more about my Commenter Appreciation Project, please check out my previous post explaining the idea.

Last month, I mentioned two great commenters, W. Thomas Leroux of and Mark of and over the course of October they have continued to be a huge driving force in the interactivity of this site, and so I want to thank them again, but I am going to try hard to feature different people every month.

This month, the two commenters I want to focus on are John Leschinski of Leschinski Design, and Ahmed Bilal of Soccerlens. Both of these guys are multi-talented, having blogged on a variety of sites and providing some great advice to me and my readers on a number of posts.

John Leschinski

Leschinski Design

Another Canadian, and one of the few people I have met in real life, John runs his own design company, and I have seen him blogging on Blogging Tips.

He attended one of the local Geek Meetups in London, Ontario when I lived there, and has been popping up more and more in the blogging scene.

Ahmed Bilal


Where isn’t Ahmed? He runs some amazing sites, and writes on others. He is one of the big names over on Performancing, and has become a good online friend of mine. I highly respect his work, and am overjoyed that he has taken the time to leave a few comments here on my blog.

Soccerlens is an amazing football related website, and by football, I mean soccer. With over 1000 RSS readers currently, it is definitely one of THE best resources for the subject.


Great blogs, great bloggers, and I appreciate their comments. A big thanks from me, and again, I recommend you all check out every appreciated commenter on this blog, as all the best people comment on eXtra for Every Publisher.