Commenter Appreciation: September 2007

I meant to do this post sooner, but I have been so busy, that it got to be on the back burner. I want to start by apologizing to everyone for the delay.

If you want to know more about my Commenter Appreciation Project, please check out my previous post explaining the idea.

The first two commenters I want to mention are W. Thomas Leroux of and Mark of



WTL, as he is known in the comments on this site, is a Canadian, so that alone gives him some bonus points in my book, and is one of the only people to comment on this site that I have actually met in real life. He is a web developer in Ottawa, Ontario and was one of the founding members of the Blogger Meetup when I lived there. He is a great guy, and even better for having found the time to come to this blog and comment on three separate occasions in less than a week.

You can find some great technology posts, social observations, and personal life updates at his blog I find the design a little odd and a bit old fashioned looking, but I can’t really comment, Xfep doesn’t have the most visually interesting design. His blog has been going for over four years now. Definitely, worth checking out.



45n5, or if you prefer his real name is Mark, has been commenting around here lately, and has been adding to the conversation, which to me, is the real power of a commenter. And unlike most other people, he is also generous with his linking, and has become a real leader in promoting other bloggers in this niche. Check out the Top 100 list, as well as MoneyLinks.

He also takes time out of his busy day to contribute to the comments here at Xfep, from simple bits of feedback “Dude, the podcast rocks! Hope to hear more. Subscribed” to a full on conversation, as we had surrounding Episode 1 of my podcast.

His blog, 45n5, has information about making money online, but Mark has added many personal touches to his content as well as being a thought leader. Recently, he removed all advertising, replacing it with advertisements that brought readers to other pages or areas of his own site. The design is more advanced than the one here at Xfep, but at the same time it stays on the simple side, focusing more on the content than anything else.

A great blog to read and subscribe to.


Great blogs, great bloggers, and I appreciate their comments. A big thanks from me, and again, I recommend you all check out every appreciated comment on this blog, as all the best people comment on eXtra for Every Publisher.