My Top 10 Commentors Thus Far

I wanted to write up a quick shout-out to the great people that have commented on this blog since its inception and since I recently added the My Top Commentators plugin from Daily Blog Tips, it is fairly easy to see who has contributed the most to this blog.

1.) WTL – 62 Comments
2.) Kevin Muldoon – 46 Comments
3.) Mark – 39 Comments
4.) Steven Snell – 26 Comments
5.) Jeffro – 23 Comments
6.) Kiltak – 20 Comments
7.) Bill – 15 Comments
8.) Chris Garrett – 14 Comments
9.) knupNET – 12 Comments
10.) Tay – 12 Comments

If you haven’t visited their sites, I ask that you please take a quick minute and look at them. If you are disappointed you didn’t make this list, and who wouldn’t be (*that was sarcasm*), then start leaving some more relevant comments, and next time I look at my top commentors, I will be able to link to you.

Thanks again to all of you that take the time to voice your opinions on this blog. Without you, there wouldn’t be any reason for me to continue doing what I do here.

Also, note that comment counts and placements are not entirely correct as people have used multiple e-mail addresses when leaving comments here, and the plugin doesn’t take that into account.

Originally posted on August 4, 2008 @ 5:07 pm

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