Nine Blogs Not in the Top 50 That Should Be

While compiling the new top 50 list for my recent post, I noticed some of the blogs I enjoy aren’t in that top 50, but I believe they should be, and so I am going to give them some recognition here today.

There are specifically nine blogs I would like to highlight that are all listed in the Top 100 list, but aren’t in the top 50, but do have some great posts, ideas, or writers. If you haven’t checked out all these blogs before, have a look today.

#55 – MEMWG
#68 – Slyvisions
#78 – Blogtrepreneur
#90 – Blogging With Cents
#83 – Derek Semmler
#95 – Shylock Blogging
#105 – Blogging Fingers
#114 – College Startup
#139 – The Blog Entrepreneur

If you enjoy these blogs, make sure you subscribe. While I don’t always enjoy their designs, or the advertisements they display, I have found the above list to include some great bloggers who produce some great content. If we, the community, support them, they will hopefully be in the top 50 by the next time I write about it.

Hopefully, they won’t push me out from my spot in the list though.

Originally posted on March 28, 2008 @ 11:54 am

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