Thank You List 2007

So there are more than a few people I would like to thank, that have helped me out in 2007 in one way or another. Unfortunately, I know I will forget some people, but know that just because I didn’t mention you, doesn’t mean that I didn’t mean to.

Here are some people that are absolutely wonderful, helpful, and worth networking with in 2008 if you haven’t already.

Darren Rowse
Jacob Gower
Jeremy Wright
Charles Stricklin
David Krug
Aaron Brazell
Tom Leroux
Chris Garrett
Chris Garrett
Ryan Caldwell
Randa Clay
Ahmed Bilal
Liz Strauss
J Angelo Racoma
Mark Saunders
Steven Snell
Mark Wielgus
John Cow
James Cogan
Elena of Design Disease
Marco Jardim
Duncan Riley
All of “Fuzz”, Splashpress, Bloggy Network, b5media, dailypixel and my friends not in a network.

Note: The more I wrote this post, the more I realized I would never be able to mention everyone. Thanks to you all, especially those that are reading this site!