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Google’s Acquisition of AdMob, Good for Mobile Publishers

The big news today is Google’s acqusition of AdMob, a mobile advertising technology company, for a whooping $750 million. For a huge company such as Google that amount of money is nothing compared to the projected impact of AdMob’s integration to Google’s online advertising products.  But for ordinary netizens like us, what does this deal brings? Continue reading

5+1 New Blog Promotion Tactics that Actually Work

Daily Blog Tips is currently running a very useful posts on 101 Ways to Promote a New Blog. Although most of the tips are proven to work in promoting a new blog, some actually are easier said than done.

It’s a great list and I would have to commend the guest blogger for coming up with such list. Going through the 100 tips for promoting a new blog though might be too much a task, so I picked up 10 of this tips which I’ve proven to work based on my recent experience with my new blog on ebooks and ereaders, as well as with my other blogging activities. Continue reading

WordPress Plugins for Adding ReTweet Button to Your Blog

logo2Like I said recently, if you haven’t added a “ReTweet This’ button to your blogs yet, now is the best time to do so. The ReTweet button will boost your blog readership. Well, at least based on what happened to my recently opened blog.

But of course, you should still promote your blog posts on both your Twitter account and Facebook updates and other social media/sharing sites to get people to read your blog posts. And if you’re confident that you have made a compelling blog posts, hopefully readers will ReTweet your posts using the “ReTweet button.

So here, we have some of the WordPress Plugins that lets you easily add the “ReTweet This” button to your blog. All these plugins are proven to work on the latest vesion of WordPress. Continue reading