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Do You Have it In You?

I don’t think it’s any secret that people are absolutely fascinated with Reality TV. It seems like a new Reality show starts up every week that draws thousands of viewers who sit on their butt and watch someone else’s life flash across the screen.

Watchers vs Doers

Reality TV is usually based around people’s lives and offers some kind of a reward in exchange for taking part in the series. These people often put aside a career, a family life, school in exchange for the rewards that can come with taking part in one of these series.

Your average person would never in a million years consider going on a Reality TV show like say Survivor. I am sure they would justify it with any number of excuses but all of them would simply add up to the fact that they could not justify the risk, even though the reward was great.

Reality TV Winners often become millionaires and even move on to achieve minor celebrity status. On say Survivor you have to outlast approximately 20 other people in order to win a MILLION dollars! A 1 in 20 to win a million are GREAT odds, yet most people would prefer to play the lottery, where you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than winning.



Sadly the bottom line is that Reality TV is so popular with the general masses because they simply would never dream of making that leap. They aren’t willing to risk anything in order to be successful or achieve their dreams. They would rather sit on the couch and play it safe with that 9-5 job.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if it makes them happy. The problem is that many are not happy with their situation and they continue to look for the magic answer, the silver bullet that will put them on the map and bring them the happiness and success that they long to achieve.

Interestingly enough I would suspect that most of these people are the types that buy e-books for 97 dollars or sign up for programs that promise instant, easy riches or that you can lose weight and eat anything you want. No matter what you hope to achieve, you can be sure that some sneaky marketer will be there to sell you a dream.

Rather than work for it, they would rather find “the secret” that can make it happen. You know what secret…the one that all of the Internet Marketers keep claiming to have found.


Watchers will almost always justify why they are a watcher or why they haven’t succeeded yet. What is worse is they will often let their jealousy take over and throw stones at those who have succeeded.

  • People who are fit and in shape are lucky to be “genetically blessed” even though they run 5 miles a day at dawn.
  • People who just bought the big house on the corner “come from money” even though they work 70 hours a week running their own business to earn that money.
  • People who graduate from Harvard must have “parents who are connected” even though they have spent their entire life studying and worked two jobs to put themselves through school.

Jealousy is ugly and it can turn an otherwise nice person into a shallow and repulsive individual. “Do”ers almost always deserve what they achieve because they took action. They put in the effort.

  • Instead of reading about building a blog they built a blog.
  • Instead of reading about losing weight, they joined the gym and started losing weight.
  • Instead of wishing they could go back to college and get a degree, they GO back to college and get the degree.

It doesn’t make them any better than anyone else, it just makes them different. Luck has NOTHING to do with it. They aren’t watching Reality TV, they ARE Reality TV except the star of the show is them.

They’re making things happen for themselves, not hoping to hit the lottery.


The good news is this, it’s never too late to get in the game. It requires nothing more than a decision on your part to get off the couch and take control of your life. It may not be making money online, it may not be going back to college but chances are there is something in your life you are looking to improve.

You can start today by auditioning for you own reality TV show. The audition is in your mirror this morning and the only question you have to answer to win the part is whether you want it badly enough to actually do something about it.

If you want to Make Money Online then start doing it, if you want to lose weight then start today, if you want to go back to school then get an application. It doesn’t matter what it is that you want to accomplish, the ONLY way you will do it is by taking the first step. You are guaranteed to fail if you never try.

To quote the great Michael Jordan…..”Do You Have it In You?”

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Zombies and MMO Bloggers

A Zombie post on a mainstream blog? It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun.

Zombies have become quite popular in our society as of late, almost fashionable. You know they’re popular when Hollywood starts pumping out Zombie movie sequels. Titles like “Resident Evil,” “Dawn of the Dead” and “28 Days Later” have brought Zombies from the B Movie genre to mainstream America.

A Zombie, for those of you who don’t know, is created by a virus that reanimates the dead body of it’s host. The result is an “undead” being in a mindless state with no other choice than to follow basic instincts.

Most zombies tend to act very similar to the other zombies, showing no apparent thought process of their own.

This zombie is the same as that zombie who is the same as the other zombie. After being involved in the MMO blogging niche for a while now, I think I see some resemblances, let’s see if you agree.

Make Money Online Bloggers

If you read my own blog then you know I have a bit of healthy disdain for the MMO blogging niche in general. Too many of these blogs are simply the same blog over and over and over just with a different theme.

They regurgitate the same posts, the same thoughts and pump the same tired array of products that everyone else is pushing. In my mind they almost look like they are going through the motions, alive but not really alive.

Kind of like a zombie. Would it be out of the question to compare your typical MMO blogger to a Zombie? Let’s try it.

MMO Bloggers and Zombies

  • Zombies have little direction, they just kind of wander around looking for a victim. MMO bloggers have no direction and they too wander around and look for victims.
  • Zombies feed on living flesh in order to survive. MMO bloggers feed on the desperation of their readers in order to survive.
  • Zombies are gullible. They’ll fall for almost anything. MMO bloggers are gullible as hell and usually end up spending more than they earn trying to make money online.
  • Zombies make no sense and communicate by grunting. MMO bloggers would usually make MORE sense if all they did was grunt.
  • Zombies are so desperate they would even eat their own parents. MMO bloggers would sign their own mother up for a recurring paypal subscription if they could make a buck.
  • Zombies tend to follow the herd and go with the flow. MMO bloggers would follow John Chow over a cliff if he told them they could make money doing it.
  • Zombies multiply by turning their victims into Zombies. MMO bloggers seem to multiply by turning their victims into MMO bloggers.
  • A Zombie is never going to have an original thought go through his head again. MMO bloggers check with John Chow first to find out what their original thought is for the day.


Ok so maybe some of these are a bit harsh but they are meant tongue in cheek. Like anything of this nature there is a bit of reality in each combined with a healthy dose of sarcastic humor. Before you send me hate mail, I AM a MMO Blogger.

The point of the article is that you don’t need to follow the herd in order to be successful. If you looked at a raging horde of zombies coming down the street, you probably couldn’t pick one from the other.

The same can be true for most MMO blogs. If you ever truly expect to make any money then you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Separate yourself from the norm and find a niche of your own that you can thrive in.

You need to find a way to be purple.

So before I go, I am sure I missed a few clever analogies, anyone have any more?

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Write Like You Know Something

Here in the good old USA, we live in what is called a free market economy. That is a fairly complex topic in itself but basically it means the law of supply and demand determine what the price will be for goods and services. A vendor can charge whatever they want and the consumers will decide whether it is worth paying the price they ask to acquire it.

If they decide not to purchase that item then the vendor can either choose to lower their price to entice them to buy or hold the line and hope for the best. This system works pretty well and I don’t foresee any changes in the near future, although I hope we do something about gas prices pretty soon.

Other countries have very different regulations regarding commerce but the Internet is the great equalizer there. The Internet has brought a free market economy to most of the world with the most common good being shared is information.

The Internet is FULL of advice, with most of it being free.

Information Overload

I wrote an article a few weeks ago titled Information Overload that encouraged you to stop reading and start DOING. You can check out that article for the details but in a nutshell it was intended to be a wake up call to get you to engage, stop reading other people’s bad advice and get to actually working towards your own success.

When it comes to that aforementioned economy there is an old saying that should ring true that you get what you pay for.  This holds true when it comes to the Internet as well, you will find NO shortage of bad advice available and it seems as though you can’t throw a rock in any direction without hitting a 12 year old telling you how to make money online.

Many people pick their niche based on what they want to write about or what they hope to become an expert in. The MMO niche is infested with these types of blogs as many naive bloggers think that in order to actually make money online that you have to write about making money online.  This has produced a plethora of newbie bloggers who are trying to learn and teach how to make money online at the same time.  That simply won’t work.

These bloggers are not experts, they are not authority figures and in most cases, the time you spend reading their blog, is a complete waste of time.  They simply repost everything they read on someone else’s blog about Making Money Online.

Stop reading, start doing….remember.

Garbage In Garbage Out

I would recommend that you be careful when reading blogs for your advice as you never know what the credentials are of the person that is writing it. What do they know, what do they do, why should you listen to them. These are some points to consider when deciding what to add to your feed reader.

These are also key points that you should ask YOURSELF when determining your own niche. If you don’t know the first thing about Making Money Online then you probably shouldn’t select that as your niche. Not only will your readers not get anything out of what you write, but you will not enjoy what you do. It’s hard to write 3 to 5 times a week on a topic that you don’t love.

Whatever you are an expert in, that should be your niche. If you offer a wealth of knowledge in a certain area such as say antiques, then that should be your niche.  It isn’t as glamorous as John Chow but if written properly you could quickly build a huge following for a niche like that.  Once you have readers, monetization isn’t that difficult.

Write with Authority

Readers want to learn from people that are experts as it is a waste of time to try and learn from someone that knows the same or even less about a subject than you do. Your knowledge of the subject will allow you to naturally become an authority figure.

Being an authority figure still does not make you a compelling writer.  You will still face the challenge that we all do of how to engage your readers and make them want to listen to what you have to say but being an expert in your field, will certainly give you a leg up over someone who isn’t.

People will always naturally listen to authority figures, you just need to convince yourself that you are one and tailor your writing style to show it.

You are an authority.


As the work weeks grow longer and the demands of daily life intrude on our free time more and more, it will become that much more important for people to be efficient when it comes to reading blogs or searching for content. They simply don’t have the time to read a dozen different blogs on all of the topics that interest them.

Write with Authority by choosing a niche you understand and excel in and then share what you know as confidently as possible with your readers. They will be happier for it and so will you. Nobody can write for long in a niche that they don’t enjoy.

You might want to be the Forex trading king but if futures, stocks and bonds put you to sleep then you won’t enjoy writing in that niche anyway. Do the right thing from the start and use your own time wisely and be respectful of your readers time.

Pick a niche you know, pick a niche you enjoy and then share.


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Quit Reading And Start Doing

I used to read a lot of blogs when I was new to blogging and learning affiliate marketing. I wanted to be a sponge and soak up as much information as I could find, thinking that the secrets to making money online could be found in my feed reader.

I was wrong.

Information Overload

It is easy to get caught up in the cycle of information gathering. If you are a student of whatever you do, then gathering information is an essential part of the process. The downside to gathering information is that many people fall into the trap of trying to absorb too much and doing too little.

It is pretty common for many readers to subscribe to 100 feeds or more in order to not miss any idea, thought or suggestion on how they can make money online. They will read and read and read about all the different things that other people are doing, yet do nothing themselves.

I call this “paralysis by analysis” and it’s a pretty common affliction even in the corporate world. Managers are so engrossed in reading P&L statements, emails and reports that they have no time to actually manage. That’s crazy but true.

Bad Advice

Another thing you need to consider is how much bad advice is given everyday on the Internet. Once you do know what you are doing when it comes to affiliate marketing, keyword research and making money online, it becomes very obvious that most of the people giving the advice don’t actually practice what they preach.

They will write sponsored reviews for products they don’t own, they will put affiliate links in their articles for products they have never used and have no real knowledge about. They will write an article about exploding your traffic when they have none. You get the idea.

Why would anyone listen to someone that isn’t an authority or offers no value? They shouldn’t, so if this is you then quit reading and start doing. It is a very well known fact that the reason most people fail, is because they never do anything to begin with. They think about it a lot, they want to, but they don’t.

The Best Advice

My experience has taught me a number of things, but the best thing I have learned over the last few years is that there are no rules. You cannot make money by using a top ten list of things to do to make money. The key is to experiment.

  • Try AdSense, see if that works for your blog. It might and it might not.
  • Try article marketing, it might send you sales, it might not.
  • Try Niche Sites, they might be your thing, they might not.
  • Try putting your ads in the middle of the articles instead of the top.
  • Try BANS stores, try Niche blogs, try it all.

Whatever the situation is, try it for yourself. There is absolutely NO replacement for experience. What some joker says works for him, will not necessarily work for your blog or website. The key is to experiment, learn what works for you and then MAXIMIZE it.

Once you have the recipe or the formula, repeat it. Don’t stop experimenting but repeat what works and learn how to maximize it. Add to your niche site or build more using the same recipe. If one site earns you 10 dollars a day, could 100 sites earn you $1000 dollars a day?


Everyone wants to live the dream. Some hope they can find the dream on a blog somewhere for free and others hope to find the dream in a affiliate product for the low, low price of $97 dollars. Ninety-seven dollars will buy your ticket to millions.

Come on, how many independently wealthy people do you think are going to bother hawking a $97 dollar e-book? The real power brokers charge thousands of dollars for their information and it is an exclusive club.

The dream cannot be purchased, but it can be earned through hard work and dedication. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself then you simply will not be successful. Affiliate tools have their place but they are TOOLS and not the answer. An affiliate product won’t make you money, but it can help you do the things that make you money.

Here is the best advice you will ever get and it’s free.

Experiment. Fail. Fall on your face. Every time you fall on your face, you are that much closer to being successful, because you are doing something most others aren’t and that is TRYING. To win the game, you’ve got to get in the game.

So how about you? Are you READING about becoming successful or are you DOING the things that will make you successful?

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Negative Comments Aren’t Negative – Ya Jerk

Negative comments

We’ve all received a comment or two that was at best not so positive and at worst downright evil. It’s only human nature to become defensive when it comes to negative comments but are these comments really a bad thing?

My theory is that controversy is interesting. People love controversy, this can be witnessed by any number of examples in everyday life. Take a look at (gag) Britney Spears for example. More revenue is generated due to people following her ridiculous antics than some entire countries Gross Domestic Product.

Britney is an economy unto herself. Dennis Rodman, Madonna, Howard Stern and a host of others only serve to show you how much success moderate talent combined with a lot of controversy might bring.

Uhh So What?

So what does this have to do with negative comments on your blog? Well nothing and everything at the same time. If you are one of those who are unfortunate enough to NOT receive a lot of negative comments then this might be the best blogging tip you would ever get, if you keep reading.

Let’s take a look at the evil John Chow. He’s one of the most successful bloggers of all time, at least if you use revenue as an indicator of success. You cannot read the comments section of ANY of his posts without having some little sniper take a shot at him in some way, shape or form.

I have a theory that negative comments can be inspired by not only controversy but Success. Jealousy is the root of all evil and that shows itself in almost any negative comment you ever read. So in reality, what you are looking to get, what you should be hoping to receive…are negative comments.

They are a sure sign that you are either writing controversial content (aka interesting) OR you have achieved enough success that people are jealous of your efforts.

What Next?

I’ve said all that to say this, if you rarely receive negative comments or if you rarely receive comments at all, then that is a sure sign that you are writing a vanilla blog. You need some zest, some pizzaz, some drama and most of all, a healthy dose of controversy.

Am I telling you to turn your blog into the Jerry Springer show? Absolutely not, although that might make some interesting reading. What I am saying is that you need to write articles that push the boundaries of traditional thinking.

If your niche is about Making Money Online, then write an article about why Make Money Online blogs suck. Controversy comes in many forms and unfortunately most bloggers aren’t that good at it. Rookies will most often try to dog a well known blogger hoping they will retaliate.

Honestly, that’s overdone and frankly, it’s boring. Something far more effective would be to take a typical subject, spin it 180 degrees and present a completely opposite view than the norm.

Some people might be familiar with the term playing Devils advocate, and that would be a very appropriate way to describe what I am thinking. Present the other side, the other opinion, the other view. Argue it, defend it, stretch the way people think about a particular subject.

These kinds of blogs are FAR more interesting to read than “10 Ways to Write Titles that Make You Tingle.” Good lord, if I read another stupid list post that has ZERO value to anyone I think I will gag. Maybe you could write a list post about why List posts stink.

That might be interesting and it would definitely be different.


A lot of readers will read this post and just not get it. It’s far easier to be a lemming and follow the crowd than it is to go your own way. Darren from Problogger recently tweeted a very profound statement that sums up what I am saying.

“Do not follow where the path leads, Rather go where there is no path, and leave a trail.”

Do you blaze your own trail or do you write “10 ways to Bore Your Readers to Death” type posts? If so, then change your tune. Write a post about “10 Ways reading a Problog is a Complete Waste of Your Time” type post, at least, a Problog other than THIS problog. 🙂

So the next time someone leaves a less than pleasant comment on your site, take it as a compliment rather than an insult. It’s a sure sign that you’ve been noticed.


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