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How to Revive Your Outdated Blog in Two Easy Steps

Have you revisited your blog lately and saw an unexciting, lifeless site with old text-only content? It’s a common occurrence with blogs, business or personal, whose owners have neglected them and moved on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If, for practical or sentimental reasons, you want to start again, here are X steps to giving your blog a makeover.

A blog that gets the attention of readers is one with an attractive design, a layout that’s easy on the eye, great unique content and spectacular images. Here are tips to achieve these features, revive your outdated blog and once again draw traffic to it. Continue reading

How Launching an Email Marketing Campaign Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Job seekers are becoming savvier in looking and landing jobs online. Aside from registering to job sites, they are signing up for accounts on freelance job sites that allow them to work at home and earn extra income on top of their full-time jobs.

However, the same cannot be said of headhunters and companies looking for fresh talent. It is not because they are computer-illiterate.

On the contrary, their knowledge in spotting a star player online is becoming sharper. Since most job seekers are signed up to different job sites and are submitting their resumes to as many employers as possible, smart headhunters find employees through unconventional means. Continue reading

The Blogging Brand: Who Needs One, Why It Matters, and How to Keep It Safe


Nearly two decades into the 21st century, most of us have watched the Internet transform into a critical tool for nearly every facet of our modern lives. Perhaps the most fascinating development is that so many people are now able to work their dream jobs as writers, editors, and publishers of their very own material — as long as they can run a successful blog.

Maintaining a blog, let alone a popular and prosperous one, is not easy. The Web is saturated with millions of blogs, ranging in theme from business marketing to home baking to world travel. The key to owning a thriving blog is becoming special in the eyes of your audience. And the key to attracting your audience’s attention so dramatically is cultivating a noteworthy brand. Continue reading

Is Growth in U.S. Home Values Slowing Down in 2014?


Is the home sales industry joining the economic upswing? It’s tough to tell. Residential property values across the US increased by only 0.2 percent in January, and observers are predicting that growth will be even slower in the coming months.

According to Zillow, the home value index is showing the smallest monthly increase since May of 2012. Experts attribute this to greater inventory. Continue reading

How E-Commerce Makes Haute Couture Hot


Fashion has always been about the cutting edge. What’s new? What’s cool? But fashion has also a very elitist quality to it. If you don’t live in a major fashion mecca, it can be hard to find the latest and greatest.

At least, that’s how it used to be. The Internet has brought the world together in all sorts of ways, and that includes the world of fashion. Now you can live anywhere and still have access to the fashion industry. This access is not only great for customers, it’s great for the fashion industry, too.

Here are three ways e-commerce has changed the business of fashion. Continue reading