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3 Ways to Operate an Online Business More Efficiently


Today, many businesses run entirely online. Even more brick-and-mortar businesses use websites or other online retailers to help increase revenues. The beauty of internet business is that it’s not limited to a local Main Street, so your company can sell products or services to people in other cities, states, or even countries.

Online businesses may also grow because they are easy to integrate with internet and mobile marketing. This gives you a chance to expand your company and increase profits. In order to maximize this opportunity, consider some ways to operate your business more efficiently.

3 Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Online Business

1. Have a Professional Internet Presence

If you sell from your own site, a big internet retailer, or any other venue, you should make sure that everything that represents your company has been crafted with care. Internet customers are usually even fussier about customer service than offline customers because they don’t actually see the people behind the company. You need to develop trust and a good reputation with everyone that you interact with online.

It’s extremely important to make sure that your online properties communicate your great customer service and trustworthiness. Even if you operate entirely online, you still need a way for customers to contact customer service and verify that your company is legitimate. Go ahead and invest in a polished website and make sure that all of your ads or sales pages look professional. This effort will result in better conversions and more profits.

2. Invest in Your Online Sales

Since you are interacting with a large customer base, you may need to buy more inventory, hire dedicated customer service, or pay someone to keep your site running. Your company might also need to invest in software and supplies to can help you manage sales, shipping, or customer service. To get started, you may need to obtain funding to support your online business. Online lenders may be a viable option because they can use online data to approve your loan application.

You don’t even necessarily have to have established business credit in order to work with some of these new lending platforms. If you have a history with an online payment processor or sales from large retailers, you can use this to demonstrate that your business is legitimate. Internet lenders can act very quickly, so they are well suited for the needs of online businesses. You can even complete the application, get your approval, and then receive funding entirely online.

3. Employ Automation

The beauty of the Internet is that you can use a lot of software to handle tasks that used to have to be done manually. You might consider automating everything from shipping to marketing. You can even purchase some automated systems that handle your first line of customer service.

Every kind of business will thrive because of the efforts of their employees. At the same time, it’s worth investing in the kinds of software that will reduce manual labor as much as possible. That way, you and your employees can focus on growing your company and handling urgent or unusual issues. You should find that an investment in the right kinds of automation can actually save your company money in the long run.

Why Focus on Online Business?

You might sell with a company website, a large internet retail site, or even via social networks. Most successful companies experiment with different Internet venues to find the ones that work the best for them. The best part is that you can often integrate different venues together in order to produce a great online platform that produces more sales than each piece would on its own.

For example, sales on eBay, Etsy, or Amazon might help build your brand and generate more interest in your website or even your physical store. If you invest in your online presence, make sure you are prepared for making more Internet sales, and employ automation where it will be useful so you can fully optimize your business.

2 Effective Ways to Create An Online Buzz About Your Company

online-marketing-do-it-yourselfThe game of marketing has changed so much over the years and the biggest catalyst for that change has been the internet. Before the days of the internet, people were forced to rely on now seemingly archaic means to get the word about their company and product out.

Back in the day, newspapers, fliers, billboards, and word of mouth were about all that businesses had. Today those methods of marketing are still used and effective to different levels, but since the world is moving at such a quick pace towards relying on technology to fill even the simplest of needs, the company who doesn’t adapt to the changing trends will eventually disappear.

If you’re a company trying to figure out how you can create an online buzz about your brand so that you are not only able to stay in business but so that you can continue the climb to the top, here are 2 effective ways to do just that:

Glorify Your Location

In the real estate business, the mantra focuses on “location, location, location” being the thing that is going to bring success. Well, in a similar sense, if you’re a business trying to create a buzz surrounding yourself and your product, glorify your location. People love to take pride in where they live.

For example, if you’re a Ford dealership in Fort Lauderdale, create a video campaign that highlights your city. Creatively show your vehicles exploring the beautiful terrain of your hometown. When people see that there is something cool happening in a place they love or right where they live, they’ll naturally want to talk about and share your campaign which translates into more business for you.

Create A Video Worth Sharing

Though it goes a bit hand-in-hand with the idea of glorifying the place where your business is located, if you create a video that people can’t help but to watch and share, you’re on the track to trending success. People in 2016 and coming into 2017 are far more apt to watch a video than read an article. There’s a science behind why, but since it’s true, you’ve got to make it part of your operation.

Creating videos that go viral isn’t easy. You’ll have to plan and put a lot of thought into your story line, but if you do it right and you create something fresh, new and interesting that draws people in and gives them something to be excited about, people will be sharing your video faster than you’ll be able to keep up with the amount of traffic you’re going to be getting on your website and in your doors. It’s all about the multimedia. Times have changed and it’s about time you get on board.

Are You Using the Wrong Type of Landing Page for Your Site?


The website is the most powerful and valuable asset your online business has. Out of all the web pages on your site, the landing pages are the most important. They are the ones that will be capturing leads and driving the conversions that generate your company profits.

A landing page is where a potential customer lands on after clicking on a link seen in an advertisement, a promotional post, or a blog entry. You may use your company’s homepage as a landing page. You may also have dedicated landing pages for different products or offers.

How the landing page is designed and optimized plays a major role in how effective it is. It is equally important to note that there are different types of landing pages. The kind of landing page to use will depend on the purpose of your landing page.

For example, are you using a dedicated landing page to get email subscribers, promote a product, or get user feedback? A single template will not suit all three of these vastly different kinds of needs. If you use the wrong template, the landing page will not be as successful. Read ahead to find out the types of landing pages available and which type suits your needs the best:

Minisite Landing Pages

Is the main purpose of your landing page to drive conversions? Then you need to use a minisite web template. A minisite, as the name suggests, is a stripped-down version of a regular homepage intended to prompt visitors to become customers.

A minisite template allows you to capture the attention of visitors with a prominent headline. Unlike most landing pages, which tend to be minimalist, minisite themes have components to show off advantages, summaries, and social proof. This type of web layout is best suited for realtors, law firms, medical services, and similar businesses that need to build trust with visitors immediately.

A potential caveat of minisite landing pages is that some themes have many components and therefore load slowly. Your landing pages need to be easy to navigate and lightning fast. So, take your time to find a speedy and appealing theme for your minisite landing page.

Launch Landing Pages

This type of landing page is specifically designed to announce product launches. There’s a distinct advantage in dedicating a landing page to product launches instead of announcing them on your homepage. A product launch landing page is specifically optimized to collect emails of interested users, and perhaps even to increase preorders.
Unlike other types of landing pages, product launch pages are short and very pointed. The copy on these landing pages is clear, concise, and all about the upcoming product. This level of focus is necessary to entice visitors and to get the public buzzing about the next release.

Contest Landing Pages

Creating a landing page for a contest, where a customer is asked to perform an action in return for something, is tough. If your contest pages have been unsuccessful in the past, it is most likely because you used the wrong type of landing page. Contest landing pages are designed to compel users to take an action.

Contest landing pages are very short and have strong call-to-action buttons. They are optimized to drive users to give their emails, home addresses, or something similar before entering a contest to win something. These landing pages also prominently highlight special promotions your business is offering.

Not all landing pages work the same. For example, if you use a minisite landing page layout to promote a contest, your conversion rates will be significantly smaller. If you want the landing page to be as useful as intended, you need to employ the right type of landing page as mentioned above.

Tips For Marketing Your Products And Services

When it comes to business marketing you want to sometimes put your focus on something more singular, and not just on your company as a whole. Most of the marketing you do is likely to get your business name out, but when you have a new product or service that is launched or you want extra attention for, you will do some marketing that revolves strictly around that item.

Sometimes that focus is just what you need to increase product or service sales, or to get someone’s attention. Your business name is still getting out there, but you are also showing current and potential customers that you have something special that you want them to know about, and that it means enough to you to focus on, if only it for an ad or two.

Make A Specific Website For It

You can bet that the lawyers at Morelli Law Firm take on more than just talcum powder lawsuits, but in order to specify to victims that they are there to help for this specific need they have a website set up that is dedicated solely to this one need. You can do that as well, if you have a product or service that you want to bring direct attention to and not have lost in the shuffle of all of the others things your business offers.

Work With Social Media

You can start a page on Facebook for nearly anything. You can make videos and post them to YouTube. You can Instagram photos, Tweet about your day, and even create a board specifically for that one product or service on Pinterest. Do it!

People love social media, they love to review businesses on social media, and if you are advertising specific products and services in creative ways on social media they are going to get noticed. Cross promote from one social media outlet to others, as well. Make memes, create infographics, and do things that are shareable for the most views.

Create An Email And Texting Campaign

Email seems to go by the wayside more these days since social media seems to offer a more direct form of contact between business and customers, but it is still worth using when you can. Offer newsletters or email sign up for coupons. If you want to stick with the times, you can also do this with text blasts.

If people sign up through your website then you’ll know they want to receive these types of messages, but you still don’t want to overdo it. One email or text a week, or even one a month with a coupon, is plenty to peak their interest. Make those blasts about the products and services you want them to notice the most.

Marketing Tips For Increasing Business During Winter Months

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The winter months are a strange time for businesses. The holidays bring in a lot of business for certain retailers, while for others, the holidays are a time when companies are forced to count their losses. Of course, it depends on where you live in the world, but the winter months can be described as fickle at best. Sometimes they’re cold, sometimes they’re snowy, and sometimes the Christmas cheer is a little below the bar.

As a business, you run the holiday season. Your attitude and what you do during the winter months determines how excited the rest of the world is going to be about the holidays. When you embrace the season and start offering products and services that enhance the winter experience, people will be more apt to celebrate with you by purchasing from you. It’s your responsibility to up your marketing game so that business not only increases during the winter months, but so that it propels you into growth beyond the Christmas season. Here are some tips for creating a buzz for your business around the winter season:

Highlight Your Amenities

Every business out there is doing the same thing as you, especially during the cold season. They know that business will be up and down, so they’re doing everything possible to keep the trend high. If you want to be seen as a business with credibility during the winter months, capitalize on the amenities you offer customers.

In your campaigns, both online and offline, create a buzz around the fact that you’re offering amenities and services nobody else is. Talk about how clean the air in your shop is thanks to your air purification system; talk about how great your employees are because they’re trained by the best; talk about how you offer free hot chocolate to everybody who comes in the door. Gimmicks work. You’ve just gotta find the right one.

Holidize Everything

If holidize isn’t really a word, it should be. It’s actually more of an action verb. If you want to increase your business during the cold season, you best be capitalizing on the holidays like nobody’s business. People eat that stuff up. The skies may be gloomy and they might be crying white, fluffy tears of hell in your eyes, but when push comes to shove, the holidays represent a lot of positive things and people are all about it.

If you make the season a big deal for your business and you market the crap out of it on all platforms, you will have people coming in the door and being excited simply because you’re excited. Christmas cheer is contagious. Remember that. Also, people are more apt to spend during the holiday season…as long as for the cause.