Getting into Niches You Don’t Understand

Right now I am working on developing a blog in the Fashion niche called The “IT” Fashion. This isn’t something I am particularly familiar with, but one of my writers was interested in fashion, and so I want to help her focus on that passion and turn it into a blog. I am paying her a fair bit of money, and I don’t yet understand how I will promote it, monetize it or really make it great.

The issue is that I’ve never taken on too many blogs that were totally outside the gadget, geek mindset that I have. I am not fashionable, nor have I ever tried to be. I don’t even know colours, beyond the ones you learn as a child in school, but here I am trying to run a blog focusing on fashion.

For the most part, many of the things I have done before I will be repeating, except that I will be looking for things related to the topic at hand. Something like Digg probably wouldn’t work for promoting such stories, but maybe Sk*rt would be.

I won’t be signing up for geeky advertisements, instead looking at places where celebrity and fashion are more important as those are the new groups of people I am going to be trying to appeal to, and draw into the site.

Thankfully, I am not working on the content, as I know it would be dreadful, so I owe a lot to the wonderful writer I have working on the site. Thanks Michelle!

If you have any tips on promoting blogs outside your normal comfort zome, please let me know as transitioning from something I live each day, to building something that is like voodoo to me might just be one of the more difficult things I have done recently. Check out The IT Fashion if you want to watch my progress and are interested in the fashion world.