My Splashpress Media Job Responsibilities

So you might have noticed that there was no post on Friday on this blog, and I have tried to make it a goal of mine to bring new content every weekday on this blog, but with my new duties at Splashpress Media, I have been working hard at getting integrated into their team, and that hasn’t left much time to do things around here. Don’t fear though, I still have lots of ideas, and will make sure to find the time to continue to share my experiences and knowledge.

Today, I wanted to talk about what my new duties will be at Splashpress Media to continue the transparency I am working on creating about my new job. The first thing some of you might have noticed is that I am the new Head of Marketing. This means I have a marketing budget which I have to organize and use effectively to promote the Splashpress brand, as well as the brands of each of the properties held by Splashpress.

This is a relatively new job for me, as I have only started learning promotion and marketing, but with all the resources online, I hope to learn quickly and do well at this new task.

The rest of the things that I have to do for Splashpress Media are very much in line with what I am used to doing in a blogging job. I will be writing on numerous blogs, including The Blog Herald, Wisdump, Blogging Pro, Forever Geek, and the newly acquired Devlounge. I will also be running Tubetorial and working on improving the Cutline WordPress theme.

This might sound like a boatload of work, but thankfully, I am surrounded by a great team of people who are able to help take some of the load off, and I should be able to take the time to produce some of my best work ever. My first articles since joining Splashpress on most of these sites have done amazingly well, and I couldn’t be happier with my new job.

My first two days were interesting, but difficult, as I organize myself, and create systems for my day to day workflow. Currently, I am charting my to-do list in Smultron, the Mac based program I use to edit WordPress themes and other coding projects. This has helped me get things done, but is not the ideal system for keeping track of what I have to do and when I should get it done by.

On the first day it seemed like some of the site Editor’s weren’t told of my total commitment and many of them thought they had me exclusively. That was rather interesting as they all tugged at monopolizing my time. It took a little while to write to them and let them know the full extent of my duties, and since then they have all been very great about giving me some time to slowly work my way into the rotation on each of their sites.

I really enjoy the almost magazine-like structure that Splashpress employs. With site editors taking the lead on single blogs, this has freed up the ownership and administration staff to focus on what they do best: manage and administrate.

There are so many differences working in a larger company like Splashpress, but so far my experiences are mainly positive, and I hope to continue to talk about all the new things I learn, so that you can learn from what I am going through.

Wish me luck, and if you have any marketing/advertising experience, and are willing to share that knowledge with me, I am eager to learn.

Originally posted on November 3, 2007 @ 3:24 pm

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