3 Ways To Improve Your New Business Website Before Going Live

If you’ve just started a new business, you’ve likely also just created a new business website to go with it. With so much business taking place online, a successful business needs to have a working website that consumers can visit to learn more about their company, make purchases, and contact them. But before you launch your new website, it’s crucial that you’ve covered all your bases and ensured that your site will function properly. To help you with this, here are three ways you should improve your new business website before having it go live.

Improve Your Site Speed

One of the most important factors for the user experience of your website is speed. If your visitors have to wait too long for your website to load for them, think about 3 seconds, they’ll navigate away and may not return. To see if your website is running fast enough, Lindsay Kolowich, a contributor to HubSpot.com, recommends running site speed tests before your launch date. If your site isn’t running as quickly as you’d like, talk with your website designer about ways you can improve the speed prior to letting your website go live.

Optimize For SEO Purposes

When your website is new, it can be a real challenge to get organic traffic coming to your site. One way you can increase the odds that users will be able to find you and will want to come to your website for a relevant reason is by optimizing your website for SEO purposes. To do this, Amine Bentahar, a contributor to Forbes.com, recommends that you double-check aspects of your website like unique page titles and meta descriptions. Not only will these things be looked on favorably by the search engines when indexing your website, but they will also make it easier for people using those search engines to find the exact pages they’re looking for within your website.

Make Everything Secure

Especially if you’re going to be using your website to make sales or to gather any type of consumer data, it’s vital that you’ve ensure that everything is secure prior to launching your site. When your business and website are new, consumers need you to actively build trust between the two of you. As a part of this, Mark Knowles, a contributor to Search Engine Watch, advises that you get secure certificates for your website and that you encrypt anything applicable. When your visitors see that little lock icon next to your URL and and https rather than just an http, they’ll be reassured of your legitimacy as a website and an online business.

If you have a new website you’re launching for your business, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you improve everything before it goes live.


Originally posted on May 16, 2019 @ 5:16 am

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