3 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

Maintaining a blog may be an easy task for some people but for those who are very busy juggling two or even more jobs, it can be a real challenge. Thinking of topics to write about and writing the blog posts on a regular basis can be time consuming.

However, there’s an alternative to this task. What publishers and bloggers can do is to repurpose their old content. And you can go beyond just writing blog posts because you can always incorporate audio and video in your blog content.


It’s true that text content still has the widest reach but you can always add more to it to make your content interesting and attention-grabbing. Text will remain to be a major part of blog posts moving forward.

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If you’re used to writing blog posts, you can still reuse the old ones you wrote a year or so ago. This will help make it easier for you to choose topics to focus on. With a previous post, what you can do is provide an update or focus on another angle of the story. Blogs that focus on social media, for example, can also write an update on what they have previously written. Keep in mind that social networking sites constantly get upgraded hence the features in the past may have been scrapped or improved further.

You can also check other sites listed in a blog directory for inspiration on your blog topics. Regularly updated blogs should be able to provide you with the latest information on online and social media tools and other relevant topics you may find useful.


The visual aspect is also very important. Apart from adding quality images to your text, adding videos is a great option. Do remember that people are visual in nature and they’re often attracted to photos and videos.

With videos, you have an opportunity to engage your readers more. This format also helps them have a better experience as they only need to watch the video without having to read a long text. In fact, you as the author or publisher can create videos featuring yourself talking about topics that matter to your followers. This is one way of letting your target market know who you are through the way you speak, move and through the subject matter you are discussing.

In addition to a video of yourself speaking before the camera, you can also do an interview with an expert or feature events, places and prodcuts. You have a wide choice when it comes to video content so make sure to take advantage of it. And don’t make it too long.


Audio content is another thing you can add to your blog post to get the attention of your readers. You can do a podcast such as a short tutorial or an interview with an expert. Many people like podcasts in that they can listen to it while doing other tasks such as cooking meals and working out.

When you repurpose content particularly the longer ones, you can flesh out the sub-points and expand on each one. This way, you have several topics ready for you to use and you can refine one point or concept further. This process will make it easy for you to write as you already have a plan to focus on. You can then choose to do a text blog post with an image or you can create a post that features a video and a short description on what that video is all about. Another option is to include a transcript of your video in the blog post.

With audio, you can incorporate your podcast in the blog post and then provide a short content introducing it. And again, you can choose to include a transcript if you want.

Repurposing content is no longer limited to text and images. Today, you can include the three types of content mentioned above to provide your readers with more choices. Remember that engaging your followers is essential in keeping their interest to your blog.

Originally posted on June 20, 2017 @ 2:25 am