5 Tips For Blogging About Environmental Concerns

Blogging about environmental concerns is very important and serves a very honorable purpose in today’s day and age. However, as much as you care about certain topics, you won’t get a great following until you know how to present your case.

To do that, consider the following five tips that will help you remain focused and reliable during your writing and presenting process – follow the money trail when researching environmental issues, check every single fact that you write about, dig deep until you find resources you trust, whenever possible, use strong images to drive traffic to your stories, and pick the tone of the words you use very carefully.

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Follow the Money Trail

The money, the money, the money, you must follow the money as an environmental blogger! For instance, when talking about solar energy vs. oil, find a resource that talks about how investments in solar change with oil prices. It’s fascinating to see how things are linked together when it comes to environmental factors and the money that produces results that actually will change cultures over time. Those dollar signs are often the bottom line.

Always Check Your Facts

Never underestimate the importance of fact checking. If you’re not an expert, quote someone who is, and find the primary source of that information. It doesn’t take much for an entire following of yours to disregard what you write about if the facts don’t check out. And this isn’t just about big topics like global warming. Fact check every single little detail, and your readers will learn to appreciate the work that you are willing to put into it so that they don’t have to constantly look behind the information that you’re feeding them.

Find Resources You Trust

Trustworthy resources about environmental issues may be difficult to find. Since it is such an emotionally charged topic, many people and websites just spout out anything and worry more about how people feel about their information as opposed to whether it is correct or not. Don’t put yourself in that situation! Be critical, and be skeptical from the very beginning.

Use Images To Drive Traffic

Many people won’t read your blog unless they look at it first, and that means having great images to go with your stories. Find tutorials about using images to your advantage, and by following the simple suggestions you find, you’ll be greatly increasing your chances of getting great traffic to your cause.

Pick Your Tone Carefully

The tone of the words you choose, as an environmental blogger, are of the utmost importance. You need to understand your primary demographic target, and focus intensely and intently on the exact words you need to convey your message to them first.

Originally posted on August 19, 2015 @ 1:59 am

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