Best Social Media Publishing Tools

Sharing one’s expertise and establishing credibility is a breeze these days what with the various tools available online. Coaches, publishers, business owners and marketers are fortunate to have them as a way to reach out to their target audience and establish rapport.

The social media publishing tools are now among the most widely used. Through the years, social media has evolved and has provided its users with more avenues for connecting with people and sharing their expertise. Apart from allowing short status updates, they have developed new features that enable users to publish articles on the platform.


Here are some of the top social media publishing tools that can help you attract more people and boost your social media traffic.

Facebook Notes

While the Facebook status update feature lets you post longer messages and share information than what Twitter allows, it also has another feature that can benefit marketers, publishers and business owners wanting to share valuable full-length articles. The Notes section has been there for a long time but not many are taking advantage of it.

Through the Notes feature, it is possible to publish an article and include a relevant photo similar to when you’re posting on a blog. This is effective in reaching a wider audience instantly since your writeup is published on Facebook where your followers are hanging out. You also have the option to re-share it on the platform moving forward.


WordPress is still a popular option for many people particularly among digital marketers. Being an easy-to-use and dynamic platform, it can be used in social marketing blog campaigns.

Blog posts can include photos and SEO details can be added as well to make them easily searchable on the web. They can also be scheduled to ensure that they get published at a time when your target audience are active online. Internet experts point out that WordPress is very useful in that it always takes care of the SEO process.

Advanced plugins are also available to help make blogs and blog posts more interactive. Some allow sharing of your posts directly on social media sites.


Twitter may allow only 140 characters on every tweet but today, users can already include a photo and even create a video using the newly released video app. It may have taken time for Twitter to do some upgrades to its platform but users can now take advantage of these new features to connect with their followers and attract more people.

A great way to enhance your tweets is by creating a short message or introduction within the 140 character-limit, attaching a link to your blog post or article and uploading a photo. This way, you can easily grab the attention of your followers and direct them to your site.

The latest video feature can be fully utilized by those who prefer to use their mobile devices. With a built-in camera, users can now take short video clips up to 20 seconds of breaking news and live events and immediately share them on Twitter. Editing video clips is also possible.


LinkedIn also now allows publishing of posts in addition to its status update feature. It has a publishing editor that’s easy to use and can be taken advantage of for marketing purposes as well as for sharing useful information.

There are many more tools that can help you publish and schedule articles or blog posts online. But if you’re targeting to reach out to people on social networking sites, these four are best to use.

Originally posted on February 21, 2015 @ 12:14 am

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