Best Spam Filter Tools for Your Blog

Spam may be a normal part of blogs, websites including the social networking ones and emails but they don’t have to be there. These annoying messages can always be blocked as long as you know how to do it.

Fortunately, there are plenty of spam filter tools available today. While most sites have built-in spam filtering features, you can also choose to use a third party to help you get rid of those irrelevant and annoying messages.

For those using WordPress, there are a number of free spam plugins you can use. With this popular blogging platform, you can remain confident that your blog will be protected and you save money as well.



Akismet is a popular plugin that blocks spam comments on WordPress sites. Used by millions of WordPress users, it is capable of doing various tasks. These include automatically checking and filtering blog comments and viewing the status history of every comment to determine which ones were spammed by a moderator.

Akismet also displays the URLs to reveal hidden or so-called disguised links and has a discard option to send spam directly to trash. Additionally, it lets users view the number of approved comments.


This anti-spam plugin blocks spam in different areas such as in the comments, trackback, contact and other forms. What makes this tool very effective is it can detect spam coming from both robots and humans.

SpamShield works similar to a firewall by blocking the robot spam and detecting spam sent by humans at the same time. Thanks to its more than 100 filters, it is capable of preventing annoying comments and links from getting into your blog. You can find more spam filters and other helpful tips online if you do your research on tech-related sites and those that offer recipes for life at F3Y.

Zero Spam

This free plugin is easy to install and requires no CAPTCHAS for users to prove they are humans and not robots. It also does not have a spam comment moderation queue and automatically blocks questionable IP addresses.

A new plugin developed by WordPress developers, Zero Spam utilizes javascript to block spam comments and registration and provides support for Gravity Form, BuddyPress and Contact Form 7.

CleanTalk Anti-Spam

This is another plugin that does not require blog visitors to enter a CAPTCHA just to comment on the site. It is capable of blocking not only new spam comments but as well as contact emails and registrations on the site.

With CleanTalk, publishers can check their existing comments to determine spam and delete them. It also provides weekly reports, technical support and a free mobile app. Beyond WordPress, this tool also provides spam protection for JetPack comments, BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce registrations and various forms (Contact form 7, Formidable Forms, JetParck, Gravity and WooCommerce Review forms).

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