Blogging and Personal Life Considerations

I have written about this before on my personal blog, but it is something that continually comes up.

Blogging can be a freeing experience, fulfilling a need to express yourself, but what happens if you say too much? Where is the line between your private life, and your blogging life? What subject is too taboo to talk about?

My family has brought up how open I am on my personal blog, and I try to add in personal anecdotes on other blogs I write on, but I also realize that I have to be careful, and that just because I don’t mind telling the world what’s going on in my life, that doesn’t mean my family or friends want pieces of their lives published for public consumption.

This is something you have to take into consideration when posting about your personal life and the people in it. You should always ask for permission when it comes to mentioning them, or even better, don’t mention them at all if possible.

There are so many things I have wanted to post about interactions with my family and friends that I don’t post just out of consideration to those other people.

It is a fine line sometimes, but if you want to publish your personal life, just make sure that those involved agree and understand. No point in losing friendships over blogging.

Originally posted on July 26, 2007 @ 10:03 pm

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