College Crunch: My New Job

So many people have been asking me what my new job is, and it really hasn’t been ready to talk about, but today I wanted to cover a bit about the project, and so I have to talk directly about it. So, for all of you wondering what site I am working on, you can find me over at College Crunch, where I am today working on The College Crunch Gazette, a blog that will focus on getting a university degree.

To run this site, and its blog, I have needed to add two dozen plugins to the WordPress installation, and while we are still waiting on the custom design to take advantage of some of these plugins, I have already started producing content for the site.

This will be the largest single site I have ever worked on. For comparison’s sake, I have created over five hundred posts on this blog over the last year, and the required content pages alone will come to more than half that amount, with the blog building out a content index of around five hundred posts in the next six to eight months or so.

The amount of research I have to do for this topic is also immense, as I learn the differences between the American and Canadian educational systems, as well as their relationship for those grabbing their education across country borders.

Starting a new blog from scratch is something I haven’t done very often, as I only took over Blogging Pro, and Forever Geek as well as being a single contributor on many multi-author blogs.

I am very excited about the challenge and hope that you will all check out The College Crunch Gazette, leave comments, and ping me if you have any post-secondary stories you would love to share.