Finding a Blogging Job

If you are looking for a blogging related job, there are many resources out on the web, including the regular job boards that will sometimes list the jobs under writing or content management.

I was searching on a popular site here in Canada called Workopolis, and they actually had some jobs that were basically blogging related. Managing content on a business website with respect to reporting the continued efforts and successes of the company is basically a corporate blog.

So if you are thinking that finding a blogging related job is hard to find, you haven’t been looking hard enough, as they are everywhere.

Some of my favourite resources for looking at blogging related jobs include:

I would also recommend contacting your favourite blogs or even blog networks to see if they have any openings. Some blogs are always looking for new contributors, even if they haven’t opened their blog for more authors before. Blog networks are always looking for passionate people to add to their team, and so if you can prove your passion, you could have a job.

Don’t get disheartened from the low paying, one post a week type jobs that are out there, as for every one of those, there are the hundreds of dollars a month part time gigs that are really worthwhile.